Software for Reparing PPTX Files

MS PowerPoint application comes in a package of Ms Office suite using which you can create Presentation files adding images, slides, audio, video, etc.  PowerPoint Presentation files are best way to represent any ideas, seminars, share information, etc in IT, Education and other sectors. However, this kind of presentation helps others to understand topics quickly […]

Tool for NTFS Partition Table Recovery

NTFS Partition table is used when we wish to read, write or modify any of the files. These NTFS Partition Table will be present on each hard drive partition, so each table will consists of different files on it. All the information about primary hard drive partitions and an extended partition is maintained on the […]

Excellent Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Have you ever coincidentally erased vital file and folders stored on Mac hard drive utilizing “Command + Shift + Delete” keys? This can bring about permanent removal of whole information stored on Mac hard drive. Presently, is there any best conceivable programming to restore information from Mac hard drive? Be that as it may, the uplifting […]

Retrieve Data From Hard Drive That Shows RAW File System

RAW file system can be a system error containing come to your computer or laptop. RAW hard drive can be a state where the computer doesn’t recognize the document system of hard drive. Usually when some sort of file system will be corrupted or damaged hard drive becomes RAW. This contributes to data inaccessible as […]

How Do I Recover Pictures from My Memory Card??

Memory cards are exclusively popular because of their portability, higher storage capacity and lighter weight. They enable you to store huge amount of memorable picture collection as well as many dozens of video clips. Usually, they are most commonly used in digital camera and mobile phones to store pictures. So, it is nothing worse than […]

How to Repair Corrupted MOV File

Most of us utilize multimedia player to view different types of videos with distinctive file formats including (MOV, MP4, 3GP, AVI and so on.), where among all other file format MOV video file is more favorite one. However, sometimes you may face several situations like computer virus attack, incomplete media player download and much more. […]

Utility to Regain Emails through Outlook Data

Nowadays, everyone is well known about this Emails like exactly what are emails, exactly what its positive aspects, how to utilize it and so on. From pupil of educational institutions and universities to professional folks who working from the big sector and marketplace everyone utilizes the emails when considering the verbal exchanges. Electronic mail, generally […]

Easiest Method to Restore Lost Files from Windows 8

Most of the people prefer Windows 8 OS based computers when it comes to storing their precious and information. Loss of files from Windows 8 computer is most frequent happening that occurs with most of us due to some unpredicted reasons. Sometimes due to unintended deletion, infection of malicious virus, formatting or reformatting, majority of […]

Fantastic Way to send Large Sized Video Files via Email

In the present era, email is the way to exchange information from one person to many recipients. For this purpose, there are numerous email servers used by people around the world. These servers can be employed online or offline, for offline Microsoft Outlook is favored by people. Whereas, online work provides instant messaging, so corporate, […]

USB Drive Data Recovery on Mac with Skilled App

USB drive is portable storage device, used to store data in GB’s and you can keep data in USB drive and transfer data to some other computer device. If you are Mac user and willing to recover data from USB drive then it is best place for you. Here you need to use effective data […]

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