A smart tool to recover files from corrupted flash drive

The USB drive is a plug and play storage device that is made up of flash memory by having the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. It is just a small, portable device employed for storing personal and professional information. Once the USB drive is attached to the USB port, the computer’s operating system recognizes it as a removable drive and a drive letter is assigned to it. Neither it requires any external power supply nor it is platform dependent. It can retain data for all the time without getting connected to the PC. That’s why USB drives are most conveniently employed for data storing, transferring and for personal backup. We sometimes lose our valuable data from USB flash drive due to some reason and we might think that how to recover data after losing from the USB drive. Truly it is possible to recover files from corrupted flash drive or even recover deleted or formatted files by using a relevant data recovery tool. Some of the data loss scenarios in which the USB drive data can be lost or deleted are mentioned below:

  • Accidental deletion: Data from the USB drive may be deleted accidentally while attempting to delete some files and several other files get deleted unknowingly or erasing all files stored on it.
  • Accidental formatting: Formatting the USB drive accidentally without having an accurate data backup makes us lose the information saved in it.
  • Improper Usage: Improper usage of USB drive like pulling out forcefully while data transfer is occurring can corrupt the USB drive and therefore lead to make the data inaccessible.
  • Incomplete Transfer Process: Sudden power failure or Improper shutdown of the computer when process of data transfer is not completed also can corrupt your USB drive. Improper ejection of the USB drive could be another reason for data loss.
  • Due to Malware attack: Virus attack will be the most typical cause of corrupting data the USB drive. USB drive might be corrupted as a result of virus attack thus leading to make the data kept in it inaccessible. Performing antivirus scan on USB drive can be a reason of information loss because some critical files can get deleted from the USB drive when it is scanned.

Data lost in the above mentioned scenarios can be recovered by using a good data recovery software provided you should not save any new data into that USB drive. Saving of any new data in the USB drive may overwrite the lost data which then cause permanent data loss.

The functions of the data recovery software include advanced scanning algorithm to recover data from corrupt USB drive in complex data loss situations. It supports the USB flash drive recovery on operating systems like Windows 7, Vista, and Win XP. You can also download the trial version in order to evaluate the software working process before going to purchase the full version data recovery software.