After format also you can recover files form hard disk

Hard disks are the most important hardware of the system. All the data is saved on the hard disk, whether it is system files, documents, media files etc. The files are processed into system and are built as data. Different software creates different format files.

However, hard disk is used so vastly to keep the data but it cannot skip the data loss scenarios. Ways are there that can delete you data from hard disk and can lead you to severe data loss. Files are often important for the user whomsoever it may concern.

Have a glimpse on the scenarios that can confront you with the data loss. Suppose you have had connected your external hard disk to the system to transfer some of the data to it. At the time when you plugged in your disk drive the computer show a pop up box indicating the error “This drive is not formatted do you want to format it”. In addition to, if you clicked on OK button then the data inside the hard disk will be gone and there will be sever loss of data.


  • Using shift delete combination button to delete the files can result in complete deletion of files skipping the storage of Recycle Bin.
  • If the deleted files size is bigger than the size of the Recycle Bin then also there will be total loss of files.
  • Malfunctioned program (Trojan) attack to the system can make the hard disk inaccessible or if not possible then can make the partition inaccessible.
  • Abrupt ejection of external hard disk or source connected to the system can result in deletion of files.

There are lot more scenarios similar to this that can delete your files but you can also recover hard drive. Apart you can also skip all these heavy data loss scenarios you can take some precautionary steps. Creation of updated backups can make your data safe from data loss or else you can also create restoring points in the system so that recovery can be done. These two are the steps to be taken before loss. Still they are not effect is because they recover data from some point of time. Other than this, you can install updated antivirus in the system so that virus attack can be prevented. Always eject the hard disk using the safely removal option etc.

There precautionary are effective but they will not work all the time. Here you will come to know how to recover formatted hard drive. One or the other time user may face the deletion of files. If you want to get rid of the problem and to get the data, then you can download the recovery software by clicking this link. This link will give you the exe of files and after installation of the software, you will be featured with recovery tool. The software have the user guide to lead you to proper recovery steps just one after the other.