All About Top 4K Video Players

Without any introduction to 4K Video let us go in to the different 4K video players that are available in the current scenario.

  1. Wonder share Player

vlc-play-4kThis player has the capacity to play any kind of video. This player is produces in such a way that there should not be any common problem. This has made the player as the inability of other video players and enables to play certain video formats successfully. Also the popular format or most popular and most common complaint with this video software is “the files can take a long time to open or play in a stuttered way. Wondershare’s makers say that such issues are doesn’t exist in the player and all the videos play seamlessly and instantly.

The availability of Wondershare Player is for both Windows system as well as Mac OS X and recently for Android devices it is made available as well. Not only video files are played in this player, but you can play any audio file also.

  1. VLC Player

VLC player is the most commonly used player to play back files. Recently this player was updated with version 2.1 that supports my 4K video pack. Very large range of codecs are supported by this player, in order to make it possible to play back virtually any type of video file along with the audio files.

For Windows and the Mac OS X the VLC Player is available. On the company website there is a optional donation panel, that are encouraging people to small amount when they are happy with the software’s performance.

  1. DivX Player

This is also one of the well known video players, in which play back of files up to 4K will be supported in resolution. Along with the HEVC plugin this video player supports DivX HEVC video as well as regular DivX Plus and DivX. As a very high quality media player, DivX Player is promoted.

There are some unique features that are well worth with this software that includes, between the subtitles in various languages can be quickly switched. In order to hear features like the director’s commentary, you can easily flick through different sound tracks.