I am trying to sell my PC but it has some most confidential information. How do I get rid of it?

I need data destruction software after using that there should not be any traces left back in the storage drive?

How to securely wipe out hard drive data using disk shredder without damaging the further volumes?

Data security is very important now days. A number of maliciously minded people could use your sensitive data for making capital. You must be having some personal bank account details, significant documents, and so on your hard disk. Just deleting them is not a complete key. Previous to disposing off your storage disk, be sure to use drive wipe software for this problem. If you are using any external USB drive, then this software is recommended by industry experts as it allows you to erase Seagate external hard drive data along with other external USB devices with no difficulty. This program is comfortable and easy to deploy. To protect your important files from exploitation, this application can be used so that it can wipe SanDisk memory card and keep your confidential data safe and sound. Since if someone gets it then he can misuse the contents present there by recovering it with file recovery utility. It can also wipe Memory Stick of different brands like Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Micro, Memory Stick Micro M2 and Memory Stick PRO-HG and so on

Wiping hard drive becomes essential when you are looking to sell out your old computer for replacement. And you do not want anyone to gain access to your private information available in it; so, it is mandatory to wipe hard drive before selling your computer. This is important because whenever you delete a data in your PC, it is not deleted permanently and can be recovered easily using file recovery utensils and software. Therefore, to safeguard your confidential files you will need drive wiping software that can for USB drive or hard disks. Here you can also wipe memory card of cell phone or digital camera using drive wipe for flash drive appliance widely used. This tool is also capable of wiping Internet history so that you can keep the information of the sites you have visited private.

These are most powerful and different wiping methods used by this software are listed below:

  • Fast Zero Overwrite
  • Random Overwrite
  • US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26 – RLL
  • US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M)
  • DOD Standard 5220.28 STD
  • The north Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO standard
  • Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion
  • German: VSITR
  • US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) + Gutmann Method

The above wiping standards are given by various government and defense agencies across the globe for wiping sensitive data from hard drive or from any other devices. This tool gives you choice of selecting any method based on its wiping strength for shredding or wiping hard drive on your disks. This commanding software will erase hard disk completely without facing any difficulty.

You can download this tool as a demo version from here. If it’s found efficient purchase the key and activate it for fruitful output

It is the best hard drive wipe for Microsoft Windows systems as it works on desktops and laptops having Windows 7, Vista, Win XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003. As a result, it is single software to all your needs if you prefer to work on Windows operating system. In addition, you will also find it beneficial in wiping flash memory drives and cards. With its easy to use edge, anyone can perform drive wipe for USB flash drive on your PC. Just download this software and use it to carry out drive wipe for flash memory drive on your Windows PC.

A question may arise in your psyche. How to wipe a hard drive? These days many wiping tools can be found in the internet that you can easily buy or download trials. However it is wise to buy good quality software utility program because using unreliable or cheap software only to save money may affect your disk. Thus to wipe your hard disk and overwriting it without any trace of earlier file you should buy software that is good and recommended by high professionals.

Hard drive is one of the essential components of Windows computer or laptop to set up and store valuable data about it. It can save your huge variety of files on your hard disk and easily manage it. For quick as well as simple control over your cherished data on hard disk drive, the hard drive might be split up into various partitions based on one’s requirement. One benefit of doing partition is that you won’t lose the files which are not on os disk, which will get lost as a result of main system crash, when user has single partition. However, in few instances, the NTFS data partition also gets damaged because of numerous reasons like virus attack on file system. Due to this, you may face severe partition loss situations and would need to use tool like Recover Formatted. It easily recover ntfs partition of Windows hard disk in short while of the application.

Mostly Widows hard disk drives lose their data on ntfs partition because of accidental format. Let’s suppose that you happen to be focusing on certain project which requires Linux os. However you like to have window 7 on your own system. And that means you decided to get both OS on your own hard disk, since you have 4 GB of RAM which can easily manage two OS at the same time. And that means you emptied one of your hard disk partitions to make it dedicated for Linux OS. But, while performing setting up Linux os you formatted another drive in error. Because of this improper act done by you made each one of the files on that drive erased in matter of moments. Thus, you now remain to accuse the one and only yourself. But, such state of affair could be reverted by usage of Recover Formatted software, which is committed to to recover formatted disk and deliver every one of the files within the same format as it were before formatting the disk.

Other common reasons of data loss from hard drive partition are errors while partitioning, file system corruption as a result of virus attack, damage caused to partition table, improper power down of system, etc. All the aforementioned scenarios can be easily recovered by usage of Recover Formatted tool.

Recover Formatted has one of the astounding scanning algorithm which backtracks all the lost data from Windows hard drive using its unique way. This application supports different brands of hard drive like Toshiba, Western Digital, Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, Dell, Buffalo and also other leading hard disk drive companies. It’s got among the best graphic user interfaces which may be employed by expert in addition to novice equally. If any user has lost his contents off their peripheral hard disk drive then it enables you to retain them with few steps to utilize.

Thus by evaluating the glittering options that come with Recover Formatted software we can easily claim that you can use it for recovery of files from Windows hard disk drive disk that is easily accessible over internet for downloading.

Have you been looking for tool which can be implemented on corrupt avi file? If you agree, then you need to use Video file Repair. Usually when any file gets damaged or corrupted then common users either delete it or leave it as it is instead of performing corrupt video file repair. But, in actual circumstance video file which gets corrupt can be fixed. When any avi file gets damaged or corrupt it pops up different message like “A codec is needed to play this file.”, “Invalid file format”, “Cannot play video because codec not installed”, etc. Such error messages can be corrected by use of Video File Repair which fix avi file on mac in just couple of minutes of its application.

Some of the redundant causes of avi file corruption or damage are due to:

Improper shut down: Such an issues arises when mac system turns off in an abrupt way, without giving any proper message. When user later reboots his system he finds corrupted file.

Codec issue: This error occurs when any video file codec gets damaged or corrupted due to any reason. Under this issue video will not play completely, i.e. an error message will flash every time you try to play damaged video, because no video can play without execution of codec.

Improper conversion of avi file: If any disruption occurs while conversion of avi file may lead to corruption of file. Such file can only be accessed if is repaired using Video File Repair.

Downloading error: Sometime if downloading process is disrupted or interrupted then it may cause corruption of avi file which can’t be repaired manually. Such type of error can occur under circumstances when any file is disturbed which transfer process is going on.

CRC error: Cyclic Redundancy Check or also known as CRC is one of the which validates any files transfer process. If the key doesn’t matches then it causes corruption of avi video file.

Faulty gadget which is used for making video: Occasionally due to defective gadget video files created on them gets corrupted.

All the aforementioned scenarios can be rectified by use of Video File Repair. This software is capable of sorting out any of the damage caused to avi format of file. It has got in built scanning algorithm which scans damaged file and determines the cause of damage. After getting the reason for corruption or damage it performs repair according to its requirement. Also one of the other added advantages of using this software is that it repairs audio and video stream separately and then attaches them. This activity of Video File Repair doesn’t impacts the video or audio clarity; it retains all the features of original video. Along with repairing avi file it also perform on xvid and dvix file format.

The good thing about using Video File Repair is that it works very quickly on the desired file and that to with minimum amount of footprints on computer resources. Any consumer who has lost command over his avi file can get it by use Video File Repair software from internet for trial purpose.

The perfect answer for your question is iPod file recovery program. This iPod file recovery software provides all the essential file recovery modules which will help you to restore the lost or deleted files with complete folder hierarchy easily in few simple steps. In order to know more about this file restoration software just go through the below described piece of writing.

iPod is the best entertainment media storage device which has been gifted by the current developing technology. This portable device was developed by a well known company called Apple which is popular in the world of entertainment. This iPod media player not only stores music files but it also been integrated with video player, internet browsing and gaming. iPod device is just like an external hard drive which is capable of storing various forms of files. But, what if you delete some of your audio files from the iPod device accidentally? You might be worried and thinking that you have lost your files forever. There is no need to get panic in this situation, as you can easily retrieve files on iPod by making use of iPod file recovery software.

Most of the times, people accidentally delete their audio files and other files from the flash memory of the iPod device while deleting some of the unwanted files. Despite of accidental deletion there are several other reasons which cause loss of files from iPod which are listed below.

Reasons for loss of data from iPod:

  • Sudden removal of iPod from computer while file transfer between iPod and computer is in progress might corrupt the device making the files inaccessible leading to data loss.
  • Power failure when the iPod device is connected to the system in order to copy or transfer files can result in loss of data.
  • By mistake removing battery from the iPod device can cause inaccessibility of files causing data loss.
  • If you use reset option on iPod then the iPod device will be set back to factory setting deleting all the data on iPod.
  • Accidentally or purposely formatting the iPod device will erase all the data stored on the device resulting in loss of data.

After files has being deleted or lost from the iPod, you need not use the iPod device to add new files which will avoid overwriting of lost files and by using some powerful file recovery tools you can get back your lost data. Thus iPod file recovery software is the best recovery utility which is capable of recovering files from the iPod which are lost due to any of the reasons mentioned above. This recovery program makes use of inbuilt scanning algorithm to identify the file types and recover them with the help of file attributes. You can use this tool to perform file recovery on all the major versions of Windows as well as Mac operating system.

First download the trial version of the recovery software and then install it on the hard drive of your system. Now launch the software and select the appropriate recovery options that you simply face while utilizing the recovery program. On completion of the file recovery process you can evaluate the recovery results and if you are satisfied with the outcomes you can buy the complete software from the internet.

Computer systems are widely used in present era for storing various data files. To store data every system has inbuilt hard disk drive that include all the program files and operating system. The hard drives are available externally also and they are thus called as external hard drives. The hard disk drives or hdd used on Mac systems are of variety kinds. There are SATA, SCSI, PATA, IDE and ATA hard drives that can be used on Mac systems to store data.

The various brands of hard drives available are Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Lexar, Buffalo, etc for various computer systems. The hard disk drives usually get damaged due to different reasons, one of which can be illustrated here. The Mac system drive was infected by virus thus the boot sector of the drive got corrupt. Boot sector consists of certain program files that should be run first when the system boots up. If these files are inaccessible because of corruption of the boot sector then you face many issues with system booting. And gradually the hard drive will become damaged (bad) and thus you have to face data loss. In such case how do you recover data from a bad hard drive? It is very simple before the drive crashes recover data from damaged drive using hard drive recovery software.

  • Bad sectors on hard drives – When there are any bad sectors within the hard drive, the bad sectors will increase according to the time and it decreases the drive performance to store and fetch data. Then gradually the drive will turn into a bad hard drive and it will die one day thus stops to perform completely.
  • Corruption of partition table – The hard drive’s memory space will be divided into numerous sections called partitions such that each partition will work similar to operating system. The performance of all the hard drive partitions will be monitored by partition table. If this partition table is damaged due to any reason then the partition data will be lost.
  • Logical damage to the drive – On the Mac system if you delete any program files that are related to hard drive performing or if you install any third party software onto the system, it can cause logical errors and thus can damage the Mac drives.

There could be many reasons that might cause damage to the hard drives and thus leading to hard drive crash certain times. When the hard drive gets bad there occur various errors that affect the system performance. Such as the system freezes out many times, frequently shows error messages like hard drive is not formatted or operating system i.e. OS is not found, and the hard drive performance i.e. read / write operations will not be done properly, etc. if all these unusual things takes place then you will have keep one thing in mind that the hard drive is going to stop working in very few days. So before the drives dies recover all the data from the damaged Mac hard drive and safe guard yourself from data loss due to bad hard drive with the aid of recover software. The software performs the following actions:

  • Recovers all the data from all types of damaged hard drives on Mac system (SCSI, SATA, PATA, ATA and IDE hard drives).
  • Effectively restores data like documents, files, folders, ant program files, videos, games, pictures, audio songs, etc from Mac hard drives.
  • Effective recovery of hard drive data having different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, HFS+ and HFS5 on Mac system.
  • Also recovers data from various devices like iPods, flash memory devices, USB drives, MacBook laptops, etc

If you are the one facing any data loss because of damaged hard drives then try using this recovery software and restore the lost data. This software is available for trial purpose so that you can practically know the software ability. Then you can actually purchase it. Download the software here.

I am using a lexar memory card SDHC for my Nikon camera .Now the memory card is not the default with the device .I just updated it and It goes well but sometimes the files are in hidden mode when I gained access over the card using my PC it restricts me by showing that the folder is empty or void. Is there any file recovery tool for this problem?

I am using a Ericson memory card .Unluckily I don’t have a proper adapter for it to connect it with my computer .So I need to card with my phone data cable itself. Is there any tool that could recover deleted data from the memory card without accessing the phone memory when it is connected?

Unpredictably my memory card switched from FAT file system to exFAT file system. Does it possible to recover files from a different extension?

Using memory card of different brands:

Even though lexar memory cards are world class stuff, it is not highly recommended to change memory cards of the digital camera as it may harm the firmware or the physical mechanism of the device. But the healing data option is possible from any memory cards if and only if the captured images or files are stored in any part of the memory card data area .And also the possibility of recovering data’s becomes less when the memory card or card is reused further. It is because the internal memory space where the data’s are stored may be erased and new data is replaced which ultimately leads to permanent data damage. To recover data’s from such scenarios is highly expensive.

Yes Ericson memory cards are different from other phones storage cards. To find a suitable adapter for those memory cards is a rough job .Its better good to stay with the phones USB data cable itself. There are several tools available in the internet market that recovers files from those memory cards .But choosing the right memory card recovery is a distinctive task. A high-quality recovery tool for that memory card must be independent of the connecting parameters.

Which file system is widely used in memory cards?

Well most of the memory cards make use of FAT file system and it is widely accepted by almost all OS. It’s not a wise thought to change the file systems of the storage devices because while changing user need to format the memory card which indirectly lead to a data loss state .Only a few recovery tools that have the strength by its side to recover datas which are lost due to the change of the file system and it also should be capable of recovering any format of files. A utility of that kind is given below.

The Jackie that takes the tool to the front in the recovery market is

  • Ø Files which contains a unique signature patterns are recovered successfully with special options provided
  • Ø A single tool capable of recovering files which may be lost or deleted due to deletion ,partition and data lost due to the change in file system
  • Ø Away from all vulnerability issues and high free from malware too
  • Ø Retained by both widely used operating systems such as windows and MAC
  • Ø Option to save session helps in saving time and futuristic usage

To download and install does not want to be a technocrat or highly skilled people. A common one with basic internet knowledge is highly enough. Thing the user has to be sure of is in windows turn off the UAC settings .Start from the demo version if satisfied move to the paid one.

MS Office is the package of some application and among that application, one of the strongest application is Outlook. The fantastic tool, which, due to its feature is the most famous and recommended client side tool, recommended for emailing.  Millions of users all over the world use Outlook. Different aged people are attracted towards Outlook due to its functionality and its features. Outlook is used different for multiple purposes, purposes like mailbox items (inbox, sent items, drafts, trash etc) savings, Calendars, Task, Notes, To-do-List etc. Whatever the item of Outlook is but it is all saved into the PST file. Separated profile made in the Outlook has the same PST file and all the data is saved in the same PST.

The one and only thing that can stop Outlook from working is the deletion of PST file, this also includes the corruption of PST file that usually happens with the users. Lines given below in the article will clear almost all the reason of corruption that are caused in Outlook PST files. You can recover Outlook PST and make it work properly as before. This mentioned software is built with such algorithms that it can repair the PST files and can recover all your attributes.

Whatever the version of the Outlook is but the software is capable to make recovery from each types of it. There is big lists that have the reasons which cause corruption in PST files. If some of the ways strikes then you can even lose your PST files.

Have a glimpse on those few scenarios that are behind the Outlook PST file corruption (somewhere also the reason of deletion of file).

  • Virus attack: Malfunctioned program if enters you computer system then can result in complete deletion of files, header corruption or some sort of unexpected behavior of Outlook.
  • Abrupt shutting down: Either the application or the system if shuts down abruptly then can result in corruption of PST files. Out of this if you are working and while saving draft or sending mails suddenly power surge occurs then this can result in complete deletion of data.
  • Compressing or sharing: These are two common things that people generally perform with their PST file and at last face corruption, if compression is not performed with proper tool then it can result in  data loss.

To recover damaged Outlook file using tool is easy but you can also skip the happenings. Until and unless you follow few precautionary steps you will be just away from the corruption/deletion of files. Creation of backup of PST and OST file as will help you in getting the data after complete loss. Installation of antivirus in the system can keep the malware functions away from the system. Good power supply will help and also the proper steps of shutting down the system is needed.

Apart if you are facing problem, then you can recover you Outlook. If you want to go with this process then you will surely need some tool to do the task for you. One of the tool is mentioned here via link.

Are you currently incapable to gain access to Microsoft document files? The missing file was very vital for you personally. This loss of vital doc file is annoying you and that is the reason you are searching forward for solution to fix corrupted MS Word Document file. Here’s the DOC File Repair software will give you support to fix your vital MS Word Document file. This software is talented to fix MS Word Document file which was corrupted deliberately or inadvertently because of many reasons such as up-gradation of MS Word, re-installation of Window, CRC errors, Macro viruses, MS Word malfunctioning or the abrupt system shutdown. The DOC File Repair software will assist you to recover MS Word Document file in all of the above mentioned.

Presume eventually, you were performing some work on MS Word on your laptop. You’ve got discovered that laptop was beeping due to low battery. After 10 mins, you went to take charger but when you returned with charger, found that laptop was shutdown. Later, you plugged in the charger in laptop and restarted it again. You have discovered that a number of crucial Doc file got inaccessible to you, due to abrupt shutdown of the laptop, resulting in the corruption of the DOC file. Here the DOC File Repair software will give you a method to repair corrupt doc file, which is corrupted due to sudden shutdown of the system.

Someday while working on computer, you realized that system is working slowly. Furthermore, you have decided to re-install windows to solve this problem. After re-installing of windows, you have found that you’re not capable to access a few of the Doc files and that document files were very precious for you personally. Such condition, that which you are planning to do to correct your Doc files. Such state of affair, the DOC File Repair will aid you to repair Doc files. It is competent to repair word document files corrupted due to reinstalling windows operating system.

Some popular features of this tool are:

  • User-friendly approach to repair corrupted file
  • Top ranked product and highly suggested by industrial expert
  • Uses efficient utility to fix damage files
  • built with advanced technologies and calculations to fix MS Word files

Measures to avoid corruption

  • You should follow the proper way to close or exit MS Word i.e. by clicking ‘close option’ from the file menu.
  • You should close the network connection correctly when Doc file isn’t being used.
  • Do not open or save Word document in any other program since it may lead to data corruption and inaccessibility
  • It is must to scan your computer periodically to prevent virus attack. Moreover, it is advised to update your anti-virus program periodically.

By analyzing above-mentioned features, we can say that DOC File Repair software is bonus for companies and individuals, who lose their important doc file due to hard drive failures, accidentally, virus attacks, unexpected system shutdowns, system crashes and other undefined reasons. For those who have issue linked to corruption of the doc file then you can get the demo version of this tool from internet and make use of it, in order to fix Doc file.

Hard disks are the most important hardware of the system. All the data is saved on the hard disk, whether it is system files, documents, media files etc. The files are processed into system and are built as data. Different software creates different format files.

However, hard disk is used so vastly to keep the data but it cannot skip the data loss scenarios. Ways are there that can delete you data from hard disk and can lead you to severe data loss. Files are often important for the user whomsoever it may concern.

Have a glimpse on the scenarios that can confront you with the data loss. Suppose you have had connected your external hard disk to the system to transfer some of the data to it. At the time when you plugged in your disk drive the computer show a pop up box indicating the error “This drive is not formatted do you want to format it”. In addition to, if you clicked on OK button then the data inside the hard disk will be gone and there will be sever loss of data.


  • Using shift delete combination button to delete the files can result in complete deletion of files skipping the storage of Recycle Bin.
  • If the deleted files size is bigger than the size of the Recycle Bin then also there will be total loss of files.
  • Malfunctioned program (Trojan) attack to the system can make the hard disk inaccessible or if not possible then can make the partition inaccessible.
  • Abrupt ejection of external hard disk or source connected to the system can result in deletion of files.

There are lot more scenarios similar to this that can delete your files but you can also recover hard drive. Apart you can also skip all these heavy data loss scenarios you can take some precautionary steps. Creation of updated backups can make your data safe from data loss or else you can also create restoring points in the system so that recovery can be done. These two are the steps to be taken before loss. Still they are not effect is because they recover data from some point of time. Other than this, you can install updated antivirus in the system so that virus attack can be prevented. Always eject the hard disk using the safely removal option etc.

There precautionary are effective but they will not work all the time. Here you will come to know how to recover formatted hard drive. One or the other time user may face the deletion of files. If you want to get rid of the problem and to get the data, then you can download the recovery software by clicking this link. This link will give you the exe of files and after installation of the software, you will be featured with recovery tool. The software have the user guide to lead you to proper recovery steps just one after the other.


Are you looking for a tool which can be utilized for repairing any damaged video file? If you response is yes then you need to implement Repair File for immediately. This tool has one of the finest scanning algorithms which reconstruct any damaged file in couple of minutes. Video files usually get corrupt due to various reason such as improper downloading, obstruction while copy paste process, etc. Corruption of file can occur during writing, reading, storing, transmission and processing. When any of such process is disturbed unintended changes take place in original data. When any user tries to use such corrupt file operating system pops message that file cannot be used due to some reason. So if user is in need of such corrupt file then he or she need to have Repair File software which rebuilds new file that can be accessed by users.

There are plethora’s of reasons for damage to any video file such as corruption of file, file system corruption, virus attack, usage of third party software for management of files, creation of video file while battery is low, conversion of video using unauthenticated software, improper synchronization of videos, etc. Suppose you are transferring some movies that you created at recent event in office from sd card to computer. While doing so due to some inevitable reasons system got turned off due to which files which were being transferred got corrupted. Since this files had no backup, you need to have tool which may easily restore each of the files on sd card without performing any hectic task. In such situation Repair File must be used which effortlessly scans entire drive and fix video file.

Suppose you are internet geek and like downloading different stuff from internet. You have downloaded a lot of video files mostly from commercial sites who take money for downloading. Since you are internet geek you have pretty good knowledge of virus and so have installed antivirus, but due to some reason not updated it. So due to this irresponsible behavior of yours some virus entered your system, thus making lots of files inaccessible. So now you are left to mourn upon your action of not updating your antivirus. But actually you need not feel sorrow since each of the corrupted files can be easily fixed by implementation of tool like Repair File. Some of the astounding features of this tool are:

  • It has one of the simplest and interactive user interface for repairing files
  • Repairs broken, damaged or corrupt file in few minutes.
  • Password protected video files can also be fixed
  • Supports various formats of video files
  • Repair File has capability to fix video files which are located on external drive
  • Repaired files can be previewed for satisfaction
  • This tool has one of the best scanning algorithm for fixing any file

Therefore by going through the excellent features of Repair File tool we can easily state that it may be used for fixing any video file. Any internet user may get this software for trial usage.