Microsoft Outlook has become a standard email client used by many corporate and business houses. Not all of them can afford to use an exchange server to store their data. Data protection is crucial for protecting any business continuity. When your Outlook data is on the hard drive of your computer you will have to copy certain data files and numerous registry entries to move all your Outlook stuff to another storage media. And this transfer process becomes a real headache for people without appropriate technical knowledge and with a lack of time.

That’s when special backup and transfer tool comes into play. Such tool knows exactly where your data is stored, how to save it correctly and, what’s the most important, how to restore your stuff without any data loss.

REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate helps to backup Outlook Emails and Entire settings with ease. It’s so easy to use that anyone smart enough to understand an email application will have no troubles using it. It allows to save E-mails, folders, contacts, calendar, journal entries, tasks, notes, RSS feeds, settings, E-mail accounts, message rules, junk e-mail lists and signatures. It helps to create a backup and also restores the outlook data. It is compatible with Windows XP and Vista and supports migration of outlook emails from one environment to another.

Outlook Backup & Migrate is equipped with powerful internal scheduler that helps to backup outlook settings automatically. It provides standard compression to the backup archive files to save disk space and increase data security. Outlook Backup & Migrate includes the smart backup option. Backup files created with this option can be used for both Restoration and Migration of Outlook. The software facilitates in splitting the backup file to manage backup data on various storage devices efficiently. REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate helps to backup, restore and migrate your outlook data files.