Best Photo Recovery Software

Like any other data, digital photos stored in your memory card, computer, or hard drive of a laptop is prone to data loss. Digital Camera becomes popular among users because of the easiness of capturing photos using it. The digital camera uses memory card to store photos, audio and video files.  Data loss can happen due to various reasons including formatting of the memory card, hard drive or partition, accidental deletion of photos, deletion of the drive where you have saved the photos and hard drive failures. Though, losing photos is very hard there is still hope as you can recover photos from memory card and hard drives using efficient photo recovery software.

The digital camera uses various types of memory cards like compact flash (CF), secure digital cards (SD cards), smart media, multimedia cards (MMC), X-D Picture cards and mini and micro SD cards to store the images. The images will be stored as digital images by the memory card. The commonly used image formats are, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF or JPG. Some digital camera uses raw file format to store the pictures for instance Sony uses SR2, SRF and Canon uses CRW or CR2. Make sure that you have taken a well-versed decision by reading about the product, reviews and about photo recovery software. Select the software that can recover deleted photos by reading files and can recover all image formats.

Recover Mac Data

Irrespective of the operating system which you are using, data loss can happen from computers at any time. Similar to Linux or Windows, Mac is equally prone to data loss. Although you are aware and organized in storing data, and have deleted data after ensuring backup copy from your Mac system, you can still lose data if the backup you have produced do not work properly. Always make sure that you have selected a powerful and trustable Mac data recovery software to get back your data. The Mac data recovery tool comes into the picture only when the type of data loss is purely logical in nature. In this case it is advised that you download the free demo version of Mac data recovery software, evaluate the product features and capabilities, and then buy the full version of the software.