Best Way to Repair MS Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is commonly utilized to send and receive emails, store documents, create calendar entries, add contacts plenty of other items. All the mentioned information is saved in the form of PST file. Many Outlook users understand that in Outlook 2002 as well as earlier versions, the storage space of PST file is limited to 2GB. On account of sending and receiving multiple emails and performing other entries, the size of PST file increases the given limit and also the database starts working really slow and then have tendency to corrupt the file.

In the event the PST files get oversized, Outlook takes longer time to open any file saved in it and quite often it might never open the file. Occasionally, you might be frustrated when you’re struggling to access your emails or contacts because you notice an error displayed as “error has been detected in Outlook.PST file. Quit all mail enabled applications and run Inbox repair tool”. Since, you are aware that Outlook has built in Inbox Repair tool as Scanpst.exe, which can manage problems associated with PST file corruption. You begin employing this repair tool so that you can fix your oversize problem. However, Inbox Repair tool doesn’t repair size of PST file exceeding over 2GB. So, in order to repair oversized PST file, you need a good Outlook PST Recovery Tool, which shows how to repair oversized PST file.

Sometimes, you attempt adding a file to specific folder in Outlook. But, you receive an error “the file could not be added to the folder”. You keep trying and many times you receive same error. Besides, Outlook takes more time to respond and open files from it. This means that your particular PST file has reached its limit.

In addition to oversize, PST files could be corrupted because of the following reasons. Here are few reasons:

  • Due to malware infection, corruption of PST file is certain, which comes from attachments of emails and sharing of PST file over untrusted networks. Once infected, you cannot access your emails, contacts along with other Outlook attributes.
  • Normally, if you execute compacting operation and it fails because of any reason then there are probabilities of PST file being damaged.

When you face oversized problems or any corruption in connection with PST file, you make use of this Outlook PST Recovery Tool. Let’s know about this tool in detail.

Characteristics of Outlook PST Recovery Tool

This tool is efficient repair utility, which scans the original PST file and creates new PST file so that the original PST file is not modified. You can repair oversized Outlook PST files created on several versions of Outlook like 2003, 2010, 2007 and 2000 by making use of this tool. With aid of this software, you are able to get back Outlook attributes like emails, notes, contacts, tasks and much more. It can promptly fix damaged or corrupted PST file, which cannot be repaired by in-built tool scanpst. This is a best rated tool with user friendly interface so that everyone can easily follow the repair process.