for it to start. Bad luck! You just have figured out that the QuickTime MOV video has become corrupted and now you have to figure out how to fix broken QuickTime MOV files.

This article will help you repair QuickTime MOV files using a software tool that would help you in this situation. Remo Repair MOV is a tool which is used to Repair MOV File Windows.

The following video demonstrates on how the user can repair corrupt MOV files.

How to Fix Broken QuickTime MOV Files?

Step 1- Download and run the software Remo Repair MOV.

Step 2-When the main page of the software is displayed choose the option Healthy file. You should add a healthy video which is recorded in the same camera and has the same codec as that of the MOV video that needs to be repaired.

Step 3- Click on the Corrupted MOV file button in order to choose the video file with error.

Step 4-  Now click the Repair button so that the application starts fixing the errors.

Step 5- Use the Preview option as soon as the software fixes the video. You can view the video even before saving.

Step 6- You can save the fixed video file to the desired location.

The quicktime MOV file has just been repaired.

Understanding the software is necessary. The information regarding the software will make you realise in which all situations you can use this application. The basic features of this software is stated below.


  • The software fixes issues related to the MP4 video file.
  • Two simple steps, and your video file is healthy again.
  • Easiest software, can be used by non- technical people too.
  • Fixing truncated and error MOV file, is another feature of Remo Repair MOV.
  • Use the Preview option, so that you can check and verify the fixed video which had an error.
  • The application can be used in various versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server and Windows Vista.
  • Videos which are recorded using Canon, Kodak, Nikon, FujiFilm, Panasonic, other camcorders and mobile cameras can be easily repaired if it has any error.

 What leads to a Corrupt MOV video file?

  • Interrupting, the download will definitely create an error in the video file.
  • Corruption can be; Header Corruption i.e., when the section (file header) where all file attributes like time duration of the video, size, file name, file location is saved and damaged.
  • Interruptions such as termination of a process because abrupt failure in power: While transferring a video file will end up corrupting the QuickTime MOV video file.
  • Malware or virus infection Infections in the storage devices can be the main reason for the corruption in a video file.

Video FileHave you ever encountered with a scenario in which your healthy video files got corrupted and become inaccessible on any media player. If so, then you may think of fixing corrupted video files so that you may able to access the digital content of the video file. For this you need an advanced repair tool like Video Repair Software, which is capable to repair corrupted or damaged video files with utmost ease.

This tool has simple and easy interface, novice can also repair video files and able to read the digital content of the file. However, this software is equipped with advanced features and impressive techniques which really help you to come out of the issue by fixing corrupted video file. But you may be in dilemma why to select only this software, unless there are many other tools which may help you in fixing video files. Let us discuss some more features of this tool, from which you’ll come to understand why to opt for only this utility.

Why to Opt Only Video Repair Software?

There are many things to describe about this software, it is designed in such a way that every users appreciated its working performance in repairing corrupted video. It is an ultimate option for selecting this software to repair video file as it is capable to do so and it can carry out this process on the different version of Windows and Mac based PC’s.

This software doesn’t alter the original content of the file while performing the repair process and you can even preview the repaired digital content of the file with the assistance of this software. AVI, MOV, MP4, etc. different types of files can be easily repair by utilizing this software. With its strong inbuilt algorithm, it perform quick action of repairing video files and allows users to view video file on various media player. Now, let us see the scenarios in which this software can be applicable

In Which Scenarios, this Tool is Applicable?

  • Some users have habit of changing the file formats at regular times. If it is done, then there are chances the video files get corrupted and become inaccessible.
  • When the file system is corrupted or damaged due to any reason then the video become inaccessible
  • While transferring video files to the other storage device, if in case any interruption occur. Then it may leads to the corruption of video file.
  • Due to the attack of any malware or spyware to the video files is also one of the scenarios in which you should opt for this utility to repair video files in order to fix issues of video files.

The above mentioned are some cases in which you can select this software to repair video files and read the digital content after repairing process. Demo version which is also available for this software that too in free of cost. You can get more information through visualizing the working of the software in its demo version.

Most of us utilize multimedia player to view different types of videos with distinctive file formats including (MOV, MP4, 3GP, AVI and so on.), where among all other file format MOV video file is more favorite one. However, sometimes you may face several situations like computer virus attack, incomplete media player download and much more. Due to this kind of reason, your media player could get corrupt or damage and you’ll not be in position to open certain MOV file or other video files on Mac PC. In such instances, you may consider damaged video file can’t ever be repaired. Yet, the fact is by using intuitive MOV Repair software you are able to simply fix any kind of corrupted video files with ease.

This software can “Fix Invalid MOV file” error and various possible errors associated with video file are “File format is not supported”, “Media player cannot play this file format”, “cannot open the file: 004_0555_02.MOV” and so on. Moreover to avoid such errors, you can fallow some precautions like have proper backup to certain crucial video files, utilize upgraded anti-virus application and always utilize compatible media player etc.

Few possible reasons for MOV file corruption:

  • Usually, a Mov file contains file header information including file format, name, date, size and etc. In which as a result of severe virus assault, it can corrupt header file information that ends up with damaging the video file.
  • When you seek to play particular video inside PC on certain QuickTime media player, as a result of sudden termination of PC or inappropriate download of media player will give raise to invalid Mov file error. This kind error messages causes to become video unplayable or maybe inaccessible.
  • While transferring certain Mov file to some storage device like pen drive. During this operation, sudden removal of pen drive can result in damaging video or incomplete file transfer.
  • Sometimes, when you play video on any media player, it may play only sound or maybe video. This problem may appear due to damaged video file or maybe corrupted media player.

To overcome all sort of problems, this software is specially made with inbuilt scan engine, which completely scans the hard disk drive or external drive to find corrupted or broken Mov video files in a very less time. This application provides special feature to determine certain corrupted or maybe damaged video files using “Find tool”, where it repairs and restores files on basis with their unique signature and extension, name, size, modification date and so on. In addition, this ultimate application helps user to fix video file corruption on other removable storage drives like USB drive, USB flash drive, memory card, FireWire drive etc. it quickly repairs MOV video file on several Digicam brands like SONY, KODAK, SIGMA, Canon and Panasonic and so on. It has automatic repair feature to separate video and audio data channels and adjoin them to create new playable video file. Further, resolves corrupted video file on Mac OS (Mac OS X, Mavericks, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard and so on. ) and Microsoft windows OS (Windows XP, 2007, 2008, Vista etc. ) For more information about media file repair on Mac go here:

Have you been looking for tool which can be implemented on corrupt avi file? If you agree, then you need to use Video file Repair. Usually when any file gets damaged or corrupted then common users either delete it or leave it as it is instead of performing corrupt video file repair. But, in actual circumstance video file which gets corrupt can be fixed. When any avi file gets damaged or corrupt it pops up different message like “A codec is needed to play this file.”, “Invalid file format”, “Cannot play video because codec not installed”, etc. Such error messages can be corrected by use of Video File Repair which fix avi file on mac in just couple of minutes of its application.

Some of the redundant causes of avi file corruption or damage are due to:

Improper shut down: Such an issues arises when mac system turns off in an abrupt way, without giving any proper message. When user later reboots his system he finds corrupted file.

Codec issue: This error occurs when any video file codec gets damaged or corrupted due to any reason. Under this issue video will not play completely, i.e. an error message will flash every time you try to play damaged video, because no video can play without execution of codec.

Improper conversion of avi file: If any disruption occurs while conversion of avi file may lead to corruption of file. Such file can only be accessed if is repaired using Video File Repair.

Downloading error: Sometime if downloading process is disrupted or interrupted then it may cause corruption of avi file which can’t be repaired manually. Such type of error can occur under circumstances when any file is disturbed which transfer process is going on.

CRC error: Cyclic Redundancy Check or also known as CRC is one of the which validates any files transfer process. If the key doesn’t matches then it causes corruption of avi video file.

Faulty gadget which is used for making video: Occasionally due to defective gadget video files created on them gets corrupted.

All the aforementioned scenarios can be rectified by use of Video File Repair. This software is capable of sorting out any of the damage caused to avi format of file. It has got in built scanning algorithm which scans damaged file and determines the cause of damage. After getting the reason for corruption or damage it performs repair according to its requirement. Also one of the other added advantages of using this software is that it repairs audio and video stream separately and then attaches them. This activity of Video File Repair doesn’t impacts the video or audio clarity; it retains all the features of original video. Along with repairing avi file it also perform on xvid and dvix file format.

The good thing about using Video File Repair is that it works very quickly on the desired file and that to with minimum amount of footprints on computer resources. Any consumer who has lost command over his avi file can get it by use Video File Repair software from internet for trial purpose.

Are you looking for a tool which can be utilized for repairing any damaged video file? If you response is yes then you need to implement Repair File for immediately. This tool has one of the finest scanning algorithms which reconstruct any damaged file in couple of minutes. Video files usually get corrupt due to various reason such as improper downloading, obstruction while copy paste process, etc. Corruption of file can occur during writing, reading, storing, transmission and processing. When any of such process is disturbed unintended changes take place in original data. When any user tries to use such corrupt file operating system pops message that file cannot be used due to some reason. So if user is in need of such corrupt file then he or she need to have Repair File software which rebuilds new file that can be accessed by users.

There are plethora’s of reasons for damage to any video file such as corruption of file, file system corruption, virus attack, usage of third party software for management of files, creation of video file while battery is low, conversion of video using unauthenticated software, improper synchronization of videos, etc. Suppose you are transferring some movies that you created at recent event in office from sd card to computer. While doing so due to some inevitable reasons system got turned off due to which files which were being transferred got corrupted. Since this files had no backup, you need to have tool which may easily restore each of the files on sd card without performing any hectic task. In such situation Repair File must be used which effortlessly scans entire drive and fix video file.

Suppose you are internet geek and like downloading different stuff from internet. You have downloaded a lot of video files mostly from commercial sites who take money for downloading. Since you are internet geek you have pretty good knowledge of virus and so have installed antivirus, but due to some reason not updated it. So due to this irresponsible behavior of yours some virus entered your system, thus making lots of files inaccessible. So now you are left to mourn upon your action of not updating your antivirus. But actually you need not feel sorrow since each of the corrupted files can be easily fixed by implementation of tool like Repair File. Some of the astounding features of this tool are:

  • It has one of the simplest and interactive user interface for repairing files
  • Repairs broken, damaged or corrupt file in few minutes.
  • Password protected video files can also be fixed
  • Supports various formats of video files
  • Repair File has capability to fix video files which are located on external drive
  • Repaired files can be previewed for satisfaction
  • This tool has one of the best scanning algorithm for fixing any file

Therefore by going through the excellent features of Repair File tool we can easily state that it may be used for fixing any video file. Any internet user may get this software for trial usage.