“Are you worried about for loss important files from your hard drive? Are you seeking for the effective and reliable tool to recover lost/deleted files form the hard drive? Don’t be worry there is a chance to restore all your erased or deleted data by using My File Recovery software”.hard drive 2

It is user friendly recovery tool that allows to get back all the lost files from virus infected, corrupted, damaged or formatted hard drive. My File Recovery application is completely free from all the harmful malicious threats and avail free edition to download on your Windows or Mac computers. You can restore lost data from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drive and external hard drives. It provides simple graphical user interface, which performs hard drive file recovery task becomes easy to non-technical computer users. This recovery application recovers files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+ file systems. It has capable to recover hard drive files including official files, videos, songs, images, emails, movies, RAW images, animations, games and so on.

Some of the common causes behind the data loss from HDD are:

  1. Due to corruption of file system the data stored on the hard drive becomes inaccessible and you may end up in losing your essential files that are stored on them.
  2. You may mistakenly delete files by emptying the Trash/Recycle Bin folder. While deleting unwanted/unused files out of your system hard drive you might accidentally delete some important data. This results in deletion of files from the drive.
  3. Master Boot Record plays a vital role in order to load the operating system. In case if the MBR gets damaged or corrupted, booting process gets fails then it is impossible to access your files and folders stored on the hard drive.
  4. Errors generated during repartitioning of the external hard disk drive either to change the size of the current partition or make new partitions may corrupt the existing partition thus resulting in data loss.

How to recover hard drive files in an easy way?

Step 1: First, download and install the recovery tool on laptop/PC. Launch the software and select the appropriate recovery options from the welcome screen.


Step 2: From the next screen, choose “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover lost Files”. You select “Recover Lost Files” to retrieve deleted, lost or missing files from portable hard drive and click on “Next” as shown in below image.


Step 3: Select the drive/volume from which you need to retrieve lost files and click “Next” button. Then it starts scanning the hard drive.


Step 4: Once the scanning is done recovered files can be displayed in “Data View” or “File Type View”. To evaluate the results you can view the list of recovered files instantly. Then you have option to save the scanned files using “Save Recovery Session” option.


Step 5: Finally, in order to save all rescued data you need to purchase My File Recovery software.

Prominent specifications of My File Recovery utility:

  • With the help of hard drive file recovery software, you can restore more than 300 file formats including DOC, MOV, JPEG, PPT, EXE, RAR, HTML, MP3, GIF, TIF, 3GP, AVI, WMV, ZIP, MPEG, M4V, PNG, PSD, BMP, and many other popular file formats.
  • This recovery tool works successfully on RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 hard drive partitions.
  • You can easily regain entire deleted data from various hard drive brands such as Western Digital, Toshiba, Seagate, HP, Hitachi, Maxtor, LaCie, Samsung, etc.
  • Get back deleted, lost or missing data from hard drive that


SSD is the acronym of Solid State Disk. It is also a type of hard drive. But it does not have any disk or drive motor in it. It only uses IC assemblies as its memory to save its data. SSDs uses NAND based flash memories that retains data without power supply. Both the SSD and HDD performs same process i.e storing your data. But the speed, performance and form factor are relatively high for SDD when compared to HDD. At the same time, SDDs are expensive too.SSD Recovery
Though SSD uses advanced features to store data, the files saved in it may be deleted in many scenarios. If you are one of the victim of such a file deletion and looking to recover deleted files from SSD hard drive, make use of “Recover My Deleted File” tool to retrieve your deleted data. This tool can recover more than 280 types of files.

Scenarios for Deletion / Loss of Files:

  • If you often transfer files from one place to another place in your drive, it may sometimes result in missing of those files and also interruption while data transferring process from SDD may lead in deletion of files.
  • Say that, you have connected your solid state drive to your system, to perform some read / write operation. Suddenly, your computer may get freeze due to some issues. In this case, the ongoing process will be stopped and closed forcefully. Due to this, the files that you are working may be deleted from the external drive.
  • Using command prompt without proper knowledge to delete files from your hard drive may result in deleting those files completely.
  • You may have decide to reinstall your operating system. At that time you may perform the reinstalling operation without removing your SDD. While the operation takes place, without knowing that you may accidentally format all your hard drives. This results in loss of data from your SSD.
  • There are some other reasons like anti virus deletion, abrupt shutdown of the system at the time of working with external drive, using third party tool to access data from SSD etc. may result in permanent deletion of data from the external drive.

Compatibility of this Software:

Recover My Deleted File software can retrieve data from different types of memory cards, USB drives, hard drives etc. With the help of this recovery tool you can restore files from partitions that are not getting mounted. This tool can recover deleted files from all brands of USB flash drives such as SanDisk, Kingston, Toshiba, HP, etc. It uses advanced scanning algorithm to retrieve your deleted data from your external drives. This application recovers files, which were deleted using command prompt. It allows you to “sort” out the recovered files according to their name, size, date and file type. You are allowed to preview your restored files prior before saving it. With the help of this application you can perform recovery from formatted partitions too.

Whether or not you need to reformat your hard drive depends on the operating system you wish to install. Some operating systems require different file systems like NTFS or FAT32, so sometimes, you need to reformat. You can also have more than one operating system on your hard drive but to do this you must create a hard drive partition. A partition is a reserved area on the hard drive by which you can dedicate to different things depending on your needs. Generally, when you install an operating system you will have to reformat your hard drive or create a partition for the operating system to run on. It does not decrease the life of your PC, but sometimes during the reformatting process, there are chances of losing some data. After losing such important data you want to recover that one. But after losing it you think that data recovery after reformat is possible or not. It is definitely possible, and hence, you have all chances of getting back the lost data.

If you have accidentally formatted your hard drive and lost entire data in this formatting process, the first thing that you can do that is utilizing an advanced and efficient recovery program for recovering data from formatted hard drive partition. This is a more affordable, easier, and fast approach for recovering data from formatted hard drive by using an application. There are many applications that can efficiently perform data recovery from formatted hard drive.

My Hard Drive Recovery software, lets you recover all the data that you lost, after formatting the hard drive or due to accidentally deleted drive partition without any much difficulty. The software lets you preview the recovered files, before saving them onto the location of your choice. This way, you get a fair idea of the files that you can recover. This tool has been designed and developed by expert IT professional to get back hard drive partition data easily. My Hard Drive Recovery utility can utilize on both Windows and Mac based operating system such as Win XP, Yosemite, Win server 2003, Mavericks, server 2008, Leopard, Win Vista, Mountain Lion, Win 7, Snow Leopard, and Lion. This ready to use program can also be utilized to perform data recovery from various storage drives such as Memory Stick, MMC, micro-SD, Secure Digital card, SDHC card, XD cards, mini SD card and external hard drives that can be manufactured by various brands like Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sony, Samsung, SanDisk, Transcend and LaCie, Seagate, WD, Maxtor, Hitachi, etc.

My Hard Drive Recovery application is enough capable to recover data from a hard drive that can support various file system such as FAT32, HFS, FAT16, NTFS, ExFAT and HFS+ easily. It has capability to get back data from various laptop manufacturing brands such as HP, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Compaq, etc. If you are searching the solution for formatted hard drive data recovery, then check it out: http://www.myharddriverecovery.net/formatted-hard-drive-recovery.html


Computer is an electronic machine that is used to store personal and business information. It is designed for an individual user and people are familiar of using the computer for creating files, watching movies, playing games, sending emails and chatting with friends by using the social networking media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Many of us use desktop computer to store our personal and professional files such as word documents, audio clips, movies, video files, PPT files, music files and many more. If any important data or files are deleted or erased from the computer due crashed operating systems and if you don’t have updated backup of your crucial files with you then it might be a hectic situation for you. In this situation you need trusted and reliable solution to recover files from computer as soon as possible.

Therefore, you can make use of Computer File Recovery software to get back all corrupted data form the system with simple ways. Before knowing more about Computer File recovery just know the general reasons for data loss from computer hard drive:

  • At times trying to use more than one operating system on your computer or laptop might crash computer operating system resulting into huge data loss.
  • Virus / malware is also responsible for making PC or laptop infected and finally crashing it. This may damage drives, remove system files or change important settings.
  • Even installing unauthentic third party software which may lead to malfunctioning of the Operating System are other factors.
  • At times, using unauthentic third party tools can be the reason behind your computer operating system crash. As a result of this, you may lose entire data stored on hard drive.
  • Sometimes computer OS get corrupted because of presence of bad sectors on the hard drive. Usually bad sectors get created due to frequent shutdown, improper usage of hard drive, hard drive crash, overheating of system, etc.

To overcome from the above mentioned data loss factors make use of the advanced and reliable software Computer File Recovery to restore all your important data from computer or laptop hard drive.

Prominent Features:

  • Computer File Recovery software has been designed to rescue corrupt or damaged files and folders from your computer or laptop.
  • This software has the capability to recover more than 100 types of files including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, different type images (GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, NEF, SR2, etc), audio files, video files (MOV, AVI, MP4, etc), ZIP files and so on.
  • This utility supports to recover data when computer file recovery after operating system crash or doesn’t boot from computer hard drive.
  • It supports user to restore files from computer hard drive partitions having different types of file system like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFSX and HFS +.
  • Recovered computer data can be sorted on the basis of file name, file size, file type and date.
  • This application offers a feature that assist you to compress restored files in ZIP archive in order to save disk space.
  • This software provides to preview rescue file and folders before saving into to desired location.
  • It is compatible with all latest versions of Windows(including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP) and Mac OS(including Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite)
  • This utility contains powerful and advanced algorithm that provides to restore files in few simple steps.
  • This application is free from virus and malware. It delivers trial version to get back all your files and folders computer after crashed operating systems.
  • Recovered files and folders can be stores on other data storage devices such as external hard drive, USB pen drive, SD memory cards and many other devices.



RAW file system can be a system error containing come to your computer or laptop. RAW hard drive can be a state where the computer doesn’t recognize the document system of hard drive. Usually when some sort of file system will be corrupted or damaged hard drive becomes RAW. This contributes to data inaccessible as well as unreadable.

Suppose once you remove your external hard drive while copying info from PC to hard drive or during READ/WRITE process the drive turns into corrupt and converts RAW. When you wish to open and would like to access data coming from RAW file system you get many error emails. The error emails are, “The disk in drive seriously isn’t formatted, and would you like to format it at this point?”

When hard drive becomes RAW, if you check the properties of the system it demonstrates the disk living space as” 0 bytes”. You can’t in a position to access any data from that. Usually these varieties of situations come around every user who is having PCs or perhaps laptops. If you wish to retrieve data from hard drive that shows RAW file system utilize Hard Drive Healing software.

Scenarios that result in become RAW document system:

  • Power surge: While transferring data in one system to various other systems, if sudden electric power loss occurs then the data in hard drive may acquire, when you attempt to open drive it shows file system become RAW.
  • Virus contamination: If there will be severe virus infection on hard drive file system then the data contained in partition may become inaccessible or that becomes RAW document system.
  • Hard disk failure: Hard disk failure is just about the major problem being file system RAW. Hard disk malfunction may occur on account of hardware or computer software mall functions.

All these scenarios are some of the reasons to turn into RAW file process. Other than these there are several other scenarios such as Damaged Master Footwear Record, corruption of hard drive partition table for example. In every case that result in RAW file system it is possible to retrieve data from hard drive that shows RAW file system with use of Hard Drive Retrieve Software. This software will be referred by almost all of professionals. To know more about the software click here: http://www.hard-driverecovery.org/

Hard Drive Healing software supports to extract data from computer drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE as well as external USB devices etc. Hard Drive Healing software effectively conduct deep scanning of hard drive and extracts your complete data from Raw file system using in few clicks of the mouse. Hard drive healing software recover info even from hard drive having bad groups, of various manufacturing companies such as Kingston, Transcend, HP, and SanDisk etc. easily. This software seeing contains “Save Recovery Session” avoiding rescanning of hard drive and can application the process at any time you wants. In you have feature that you can preview the saved data before conserving it. It supports numerous file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, as well as HFSX. This software supports to extract data from many versions of Windows and also Mac. Recovered data might be stored based on file name, file size, date and document type.


  • Using authentic antivirus software better to prevent virus attacks and update the software program frequently in order to avoid RAW file process.
  • To prevent sudden power you’ll want use UPS units, otherwise due to help sudden power decline file system turns into RAW.
  • Always make use “Safely remove hardware” to disconnect the drive.

Hard disk drives are the type of devices that happen to be employed in computers, laptops, notebooks and with other systems where you can store all the digital information and access those saved files when you require them. Some of the files which are present in the hard drives are audio, video, documents, etc. Some or the other way you will have loss of data, just about the most common way is the hard drive getting damaged. Once this hard drive is damaged, the user can’t access the information contained in it. No need to fear about this loss. Every single bit of data will probably be contained in the same location where it was originally; merely the links which are connected to this data have been removed. You’ll be able to effectively retrieve damaged hard disk data which enable you to easily resume your hard work by making use of this damaged drive recovery application.

Here are some of the scenarios that create damage to hard drives which are present in different Operating Systems are:

Sudden System Crash: System crash is the procedure through which there’s an abrupt halt within the system, also it doesn’t let the user to access or perform any tasks. It gradually shuts down, ultimately causing loss of data in every application that was open in the system. Hence, care has to be taken by the user to save his data regularly during the process of his work, else there could be severe loss of data scenarios.

Creating Multi Boot/Dual OS: Along the way of creating a multi-boot system or while installing multiple operating systems in the computer there might be some error which leads to the damage of the drives that are present in the system. Hence the user have to be careful while creating dual boot or multiple Operating System, and need not make any unnecessary changes else he could finish up in losing the saved data from his system.

Developed together with the services of highly qualified software professionals, you will get back your most significant data that’s contained in the damaged hard disk drive. With the special graphical user interface developed within this application, an individual can certainly get acquainted with how to begin the restore process without interruption and rescue your files which are saved in it. By using advanced options packed with many features, it is possible to rescue more than 300 kinds of files that have been stored. Also this recovery application makes a listing of the recovered files in a particular order based on their file name, sized the file, date when the file was created as well as the different signatures which might be linked to these files. It’s also possible to restore the info from partitions which have been lost on account of errors which are encountered in the process of file system conversion. With the help of deep scanning engines which have been built with this application, you can get back the data from your hard drive that got corrupted on account of attempting to create dual/ multi OS boot installation. Utilize the demo form of this application and after you happen to be satisfied with the results, you can get the key to acquire accessibility to the full features of this recovery tool and save the files according to your requirements.

Hard drives are the most important part of laptop, computer and any other computer systems. It is within this place where all the information, files along with other digital info is stored, so that the user can look at and acquire usage of those files as and when possible. Sometimes, as the user is attempting to gain access to the files which are seen in the device, he might accidentally delete them and lose access to the valuable data saved in it. There is absolutely no reason behind one to be upset! By making use of this top hard drive recovery program get access to all of your files that were lost or deleted.

USB drive is in short for Universal Bus Interface drive; these drives are incredibly beneficial in sharing the data which is present within it. A person can simply connect the USB drive in the system and transfer data inside it with little difficulty. After that unplug these devices from your system and gradually connect it to another system in which you want to share the info. Because of some accidental fault or some other reasons the files that have been transferred can get deleted or lost, leaving an individual with all the empty drive. Don’t lose your heart! This USB flash drive recovery software can rescue every piece of information that’s present in your USB drive quickly without causing any change in their original file names.

Hard drive is the essential element of Personal Computer. It can store simple files, word documents, photo files, audio files, video files, 3D picture files and also applications as well as Operating System. Recent days portable, removable external hard disk drives are also become popular to store data on desktops or laptops. The main purpose of these removable HD’s is to backup system data. But, no one can imagine the scenario which causes loss of valuable files store on hard drive, because those files are created or generated with so many efforts. Due to some unpredictable events data loss or deletion take place on hard drive.

There is a possibility to restore lost or deleted data from hard drive until that free memory space is utilized by some other data. This is because only the directory entries of that file get erased, the original content resides on that particular address space only. Thus, each and every system user should have glance on data loss scenarios to avoid them in future. Let us consider a data loss scenario, where a user thought to transfer some of files from his laptop to external hard drives using Cut + Paste option. But after selecting Cut option, he accidentally clicked on Delete option, this leads to permanent loss of those valuable files on system. He stunned by observing what he did few minutes before. Immediately he jumped to Recycle Bin to restore those files, but those files went around that temporary folder. Don’t waste your precious time by searching your lost files, just one click is enough to recover documents from hard drive using reliable Hard Drive Recovery tool. It can instantly retrieve missing files based on file signatures. This software can also recover documents from removable storage devices such as flash memory cards, USB drives, FireWire Drives, external hard drive, and so on.

Let us discuss some common data loss or deletion scenarios on hard drives:

  • Human mistakes: Every one in this world at some point of time may go wrong, while operating the system. This is because of conflicts in their hectic and busy life style. If you accidentally use Shift + Delete keys on particular files, then they may go around the Recycle Bin. This leads to permanent deletion of those files. Accidentally pressing “Empty Recycle Bin” option may also leads to deletion of some necessary files accumulated on that folder.
  • Formatting issues: Unintentionally using Format option on hard drive partition or accidentally formatting unintended drives of hard drive results to huge amount of data loss.
  • Partition Errors: While creating new partition or finding free disk space on partition, if you follow unsuitable method then those partition becomes inaccessible. This tends to loss of data.
  • Master Boot Record Corruption: MBR is used to store information about file, partitions, Operating System, etc. If it gets corrupt due to virus or malware attack, then it leads system crash. Thus, you may lose data saved on system.

Best Features of Hard Drive Recovery Tool:

This tool is used to restore lost or deleted data from hard disk drive and also removable storage devices such as flash memory card, pen drives, external hard drives, FireWire drives, memory sticks, etc. Its simple and graphical user interface helps to restore lost data within fraction of minutes. Hard Drive Recovery software designed by using built-in algorithms that aids to scan entire corrupted or damaged HD within few minutes. It can recover deleted files from hard drives based on file name, file size, file extension, and data of creation, etc. You can also add or edit file signatures to lost files, while restoring them. Use this URL: http://www.myharddriverecovery.net/ to verify this recovery tool functionality.

My Hard Drive Recovery application is compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. This tool also works well with all editions of Mac OS. It can works irrespective of different hard drive brands like Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Sony, Fujifilm, Samsung, iOmega, SanDisk, Maxtor, etc.

One can make use of free demo version of Hard Drive Recovery software, to have prior knowledge about recovery process. If you want to retrieve lost files, then purchase its licensed version.

Hard drive is one of the essential components of Windows computer or laptop to set up and store valuable data about it. It can save your huge variety of files on your hard disk and easily manage it. For quick as well as simple control over your cherished data on hard disk drive, the hard drive might be split up into various partitions based on one’s requirement. One benefit of doing partition is that you won’t lose the files which are not on os disk, which will get lost as a result of main system crash, when user has single partition. However, in few instances, the NTFS data partition also gets damaged because of numerous reasons like virus attack on file system. Due to this, you may face severe partition loss situations and would need to use tool like Recover Formatted. It easily recover ntfs partition of Windows hard disk in short while of the application.

Mostly Widows hard disk drives lose their data on ntfs partition because of accidental format. Let’s suppose that you happen to be focusing on certain project which requires Linux os. However you like to have window 7 on your own system. And that means you decided to get both OS on your own hard disk, since you have 4 GB of RAM which can easily manage two OS at the same time. And that means you emptied one of your hard disk partitions to make it dedicated for Linux OS. But, while performing setting up Linux os you formatted another drive in error. Because of this improper act done by you made each one of the files on that drive erased in matter of moments. Thus, you now remain to accuse the one and only yourself. But, such state of affair could be reverted by usage of Recover Formatted software, which is committed to to recover formatted disk and deliver every one of the files within the same format as it were before formatting the disk.

Other common reasons of data loss from hard drive partition are errors while partitioning, file system corruption as a result of virus attack, damage caused to partition table, improper power down of system, etc. All the aforementioned scenarios can be easily recovered by usage of Recover Formatted tool.

Recover Formatted has one of the astounding scanning algorithm which backtracks all the lost data from Windows hard drive using its unique way. This application supports different brands of hard drive like Toshiba, Western Digital, Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, Dell, Buffalo and also other leading hard disk drive companies. It’s got among the best graphic user interfaces which may be employed by expert in addition to novice equally. If any user has lost his contents off their peripheral hard disk drive then it enables you to retain them with few steps to utilize.

Thus by evaluating the glittering options that come with Recover Formatted software we can easily claim that you can use it for recovery of files from Windows hard disk drive disk that is easily accessible over internet for downloading.

Hard disks are the most important hardware of the system. All the data is saved on the hard disk, whether it is system files, documents, media files etc. The files are processed into system and are built as data. Different software creates different format files.

However, hard disk is used so vastly to keep the data but it cannot skip the data loss scenarios. Ways are there that can delete you data from hard disk and can lead you to severe data loss. Files are often important for the user whomsoever it may concern.

Have a glimpse on the scenarios that can confront you with the data loss. Suppose you have had connected your external hard disk to the system to transfer some of the data to it. At the time when you plugged in your disk drive the computer show a pop up box indicating the error “This drive is not formatted do you want to format it”. In addition to, if you clicked on OK button then the data inside the hard disk will be gone and there will be sever loss of data.


  • Using shift delete combination button to delete the files can result in complete deletion of files skipping the storage of Recycle Bin.
  • If the deleted files size is bigger than the size of the Recycle Bin then also there will be total loss of files.
  • Malfunctioned program (Trojan) attack to the system can make the hard disk inaccessible or if not possible then can make the partition inaccessible.
  • Abrupt ejection of external hard disk or source connected to the system can result in deletion of files.

There are lot more scenarios similar to this that can delete your files but you can also recover hard drive. Apart you can also skip all these heavy data loss scenarios you can take some precautionary steps. Creation of updated backups can make your data safe from data loss or else you can also create restoring points in the system so that recovery can be done. These two are the steps to be taken before loss. Still they are not effect is because they recover data from some point of time. Other than this, you can install updated antivirus in the system so that virus attack can be prevented. Always eject the hard disk using the safely removal option etc.

There precautionary are effective but they will not work all the time. Here you will come to know how to recover formatted hard drive. One or the other time user may face the deletion of files. If you want to get rid of the problem and to get the data, then you can download the recovery software by clicking this link. This link will give you the exe of files and after installation of the software, you will be featured with recovery tool. The software have the user guide to lead you to proper recovery steps just one after the other.