In the present era, email is the way to exchange information from one person to many recipients. For this purpose, there are numerous email servers used by people around the world. These servers can be employed online or offline, for offline Microsoft Outlook is favored by people. Whereas, online work provides instant messaging, so corporate, official and private communication can be done. It is possible to send small sized files via email. The files could be audio, images, documents, videos, etc. Nevertheless, the email server is restricted to fixed size so, users encounter difficulty while transferring large sized video files through email.

Actually, many email systems have many file size limit like Gmail has 25 MB, Webmail has 50 MB, etc. Nevertheless, if the size of the video file surpasses size limit, it shows an error message restricting user which won’t permit them to send large sized video files. In such stage, it becomes tedious moment for users to communicate with other users effectively. No need to worry, here is good news for such users which can help user for sending large video files through email service providers like Rediffmail, Yahoo, Google, etc. In fact, to send large sized files, users need to compress that file and make it small size limit of the email system. Even this procedure also applies for compressing large sized video files like MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, etc.

The process has some methodical tactics, let us take a look at those tactics:

  • Just right click on that file which you wish to send through email and select “Compress and email….”option. Next, a new window creates a compressed format of that file automatically.
  • In this window, choose the archive file type and compression method for that specific file. Click on “OK” option, a .rar file gets created and it will be automatically attached to a new email on Outlook.
  • Add recipients to send video file. Before this make sure whether you have installed WinRAR in your computer and Outlook is synchronized. For further info associated with MOV file compression, click this link:

At times, the above said process cannot work, so use More software to perform this process and to send large sized video file via email. It can compress your necessary video file without complexity. It will compress large sized apps, folder, photo and files having various files. With the help of this, one can minimize the size of video file up to 90% of its source size. Immediately after this process, browse that archive and email it to numerous recipients. Additionally, it can support compression of MOV file. By doing file compression, you can save precious memory space on your computer hard disk and send file in less period of time. For the intention of file security, you can protect it with security password. This software can save that archive in Rzip format on all platforms of Windows, Mac and Android OS. Home and professional users can employ this tool without any difficulty.