Microsoft Outlook is an easy to use email client that lets the user not only to send and receive emails with ease but also schedule tasks and take notes easily. Microsoft comes up with new versions of Microsoft Office which usually has improved features and better capabilities. Due to this reason, users prefer to quickly shift over from the older version to the newer one immediately. However, this is not an easy process and if not done using the proper tool, may result in loss of important data from Outlook.

There are various scenarios in which migration of Outlook, which is basically transfer of complete data in Outlook, is necessary. There are instances when an user wants to upgrade his Operating System. In such cases, the user needs to migrate the Outlook data from one PC to another. There are also instances when the user upgrades to a newer version of Outlook. In such scenarios too migration of Outlook data is necessary. Finally, there are also scenarios in which the user upgrades to a new OS and to a newer version of Outlook. In such cases too migration of Outlook data is necessary.

Though migration means transfer of complete Outlook data, some users are of the wrong impression that migration involves just transfer of data present in the PST file. Hence, they usually end up exporting the PST file from the older version and importing it to the new version of Outlook. This however only transfers data present in the PST file, but not the data that is not present in the PST file. As incomplete migration of Outlook data will not be of much use, it is always better to make use of a good Outlook Migration Tool to migrate the Outlook data.

As migration of the Outlook data cannot be done without the help of a software, it is better to make use of a good PST Migration tool to transfer the data from one version of Outlook to another or to migrate Outlook data between different environments. Since a lot of users make use of Outlook 2003, they prefer to migrate their data from this version of Outlook to Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010. Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate Tool is a powerful tool designed to backup and migrate all the Outlook data. The software helps you to select items that you want to backup, and also Migrate Outlook 2003 data to a newer version.