Have you ever unintentionally erased documents from portable hard drive? In the event, your answer is yes, then no need to become anxious. As you are not lone users to experience this sort of state. In case you have deleted documents without taking backup then it is the panic moment for you. In such severe condition, you need influential tool to retrieve erased documents. If you are searching for such software then here is such premium utility called portable hard disk recovery.

You may get many factors result in deletion of documents from portable hard drive. Let us take a look at few circumstances; they are third party utilities, abrupt PC turnoff while transferring documents and inappropriate handling of portable hard drive. Let us discuss all these in brief. First one is third party utilities: You may use third party utility to get back erased documents from portable hard drive. In the event that third party tool is not trusted then it can minimize the possibility of recovering documents. In such serious situation, you should utilize this best utility to restore erased documents.

Second one is unexpected PC turnoff while transferring documents: The unexpected computer turnoff while transferring documents from computer to portable hard drive may lead to deletion of significant documents. In this instance, this tool comes with handy to bring back erased documents.

Finally, while saving fresh documents on your portable hard drive, if you eject it suddenly then it may lead to critical scenario like deletion of documents. In this situation, you need to utilize this unique tool to recover deleted documents in simple measures. Additionally, it can get back documents from various storage devices. To know more info about how to recover formatted portable hard drive, simply click here: recoverformatted.com

 You have to follow below mentioned safety measures:

•             Do not eject portable hard drive suddenly when it is in use.

•             Usually take significant backup on other storage devices.

•             Maintain updated antivirus tool.

This fabulous program is able to get back erased documents in less duration of time. Thus, it does not take your valuable time to recover documents and assists to save your time. This application can undelete documents after erasing portable hard drive of well-known brands like Seagate, Maxtor, Toshiba, Buffalo, etc. It will also help you to get back every bit of documents successfully. It also is able to bring back formatted drives. Thus, it is known as top software to restore formatted portable hard drive types like SCSI, IDE, SATA, PATA,  etc.

It comes with higher scanning methods to perform full scanning of portable hard drive to undelete erased documents on MS Word 2000, 2003, 2002, 2007 and 2010. By using this important tool, you can retrieve documents without changing source documents. Utilize the trial form of this program to know how it works. If you feel glad after getting fine outcome then buy complete version of this software. After the completion of portable hard drive recovery process, you can view the achieved outcome. Additionally, it can support recovery of documents of file types like .doc and .docx from other storage devices like FireWire drives, external hard drives, etc.