When you stumble upon email deletion in MS Outlook PST file, you wonder about here and there looking for an outstanding and efficient backup and recovery utility in order to recover your deleted emails as well as various attributes of PST file. You assume that it is the only resolution which will help you out in such a disastrous circumstance. But there is a way where you can still guarantee the deleted email recovery without using any third party tool. Main cause for emails being deleted or lost from a PST file is intentional or accidental deletion. Virus act, PST compression, corruption due to oversized PST file, corruption in PST header, and Outlook malfunction are some other causes for email loss. There is an in-built tool that comes as a part of Outlook, known as Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe, will help you in recovering deleted or lost emails and PST files. It is capable of getting back the deleted emails and other related data items.

You just need to run Scanpst.exe tool, it is usually found in C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033. Full analysis of the corrupt PST file will be made and all lost or deleted emails get restored on running the Inbox repair tool or Scanpst.exe. With this you can recover all deleted mails. If you are not able to recover them, then you have to go for reliable and good Backup Outlook software that can recover deleted PST file in simple steps. The recovery process is quite simple and the software is simple to use. The advanced algorithms in it help you to recover emails from the severe corruption or from an inaccessible PST file. Let’s see some of the possible reasons behind Outlook PST file deletion or loss.

Accidental Deletion: You may try to remove some unnecessary emails by using Windows file delete option i.e. Shift + Delete key combination. At the time of sleeting unwanted emails by mistakenly you may select some important emails for deletion.

Emptying Deleted Item Folder: Commonly, all the erased emails are saved in the deleted item folder on Outlook. At times this deleted item folder can get emptied by hit on Empty Deleted Folder option.

Outlook Upgrade: Your PST file may get damaged or corrupted while upgrading your current version of Outlook into latest Outlook version which results in email loss.

Improper Usage of Outlook Appli8cation: You may close Outlook program forcefully while doing some task on it which may broken your PST files and it becomes inaccessible. While moving PST file from one location to another some errors may take place because of abrupt power failure and network error which corrupt PST file severely.

Other Reasons: Email may get lost due to power shortage, improper shutdown, viruses infection, etc can delete the emails and also from the Outlook.

Exclusive Features of Backup Outlook Tool:

  • Recover Outlook PST is one of the strongest available tools to recover deleted emails from the Outlook effectively.
  • It only reads from the original PST file and creates a new recovered PST file for deleted emails and also for other deleted items.
  • This utility not only recovers deleted items from Outlook but also repair the corrupted PST files.
  • It supports recovery of deleted emails from MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000. You can download the free demo version of this product.
  • Once you are satisfied with the product then you can purchase the licensed version to save recovered deleted emails.

Microsoft Outlook is commonly utilized to send and receive emails, store documents, create calendar entries, add contacts plenty of other items. All the mentioned information is saved in the form of PST file. Many Outlook users understand that in Outlook 2002 as well as earlier versions, the storage space of PST file is limited to 2GB. On account of sending and receiving multiple emails and performing other entries, the size of PST file increases the given limit and also the database starts working really slow and then have tendency to corrupt the file.

In the event the PST files get oversized, Outlook takes longer time to open any file saved in it and quite often it might never open the file. Occasionally, you might be frustrated when you’re struggling to access your emails or contacts because you notice an error displayed as “error has been detected in Outlook.PST file. Quit all mail enabled applications and run Inbox repair tool”. Since, you are aware that Outlook has built in Inbox Repair tool as Scanpst.exe, which can manage problems associated with PST file corruption. You begin employing this repair tool so that you can fix your oversize problem. However, Inbox Repair tool doesn’t repair size of PST file exceeding over 2GB. So, in order to repair oversized PST file, you need a good Outlook PST Recovery Tool, which shows how to repair oversized PST file.

Sometimes, you attempt adding a file to specific folder in Outlook. But, you receive an error “the file could not be added to the folder”. You keep trying and many times you receive same error. Besides, Outlook takes more time to respond and open files from it. This means that your particular PST file has reached its limit.

In addition to oversize, PST files could be corrupted because of the following reasons. Here are few reasons:

  • Due to malware infection, corruption of PST file is certain, which comes from attachments of emails and sharing of PST file over untrusted networks. Once infected, you cannot access your emails, contacts along with other Outlook attributes.
  • Normally, if you execute compacting operation and it fails because of any reason then there are probabilities of PST file being damaged.

When you face oversized problems or any corruption in connection with PST file, you make use of this Outlook PST Recovery Tool. Let’s know about this tool in detail.

Characteristics of Outlook PST Recovery Tool

This tool is efficient repair utility, which scans the original PST file and creates new PST file so that the original PST file is not modified. You can repair oversized Outlook PST files created on several versions of Outlook like 2003, 2010, 2007 and 2000 by making use of this tool. With aid of this software, you are able to get back Outlook attributes like emails, notes, contacts, tasks and much more. It can promptly fix damaged or corrupted PST file, which cannot be repaired by in-built tool scanpst. This is a best rated tool with user friendly interface so that everyone can easily follow the repair process.

Nowadays, everyone is well known about this Emails like exactly what are emails, exactly what its positive aspects, how to utilize it and so on. From pupil of educational institutions and universities to professional folks who working from the big sector and marketplace everyone utilizes the emails when considering the verbal exchanges. Electronic mail, generally often known as Email, is often a way connected with interchanging the actual digital text from one of sender to one or several receivers with the means on the internet. Basically this present Email is usually a replacement on the earlier classic mails.

In current days MS Outlook as well as OLE which is Outlook Express includes the most in common used electronic mail clients with the Windows. And also the emails you can utilize your Outlook intended for storing the information files such as notes, previous emails, private contacts, calendar entries, attachments etc. All this is stored with specific file format of, usually called Personal Storage Table, PST file. As this specific PST records contains each of the data that plays significant role throughout Outlook. One should care for PST record that it should not get damaged in any reasons. One particular feature associated with Outlook amongst many, it offers recovery system for PST records.

As acknowledged, Outlook client, it’s obvious it works with internet. It opens an opportunity of trouble for the PST records. Actually there are several other probabilities of PST records get harmed and get you inside the unwanted circumstance of info loss. Coming to the issue, what for anyone who is in true situation involving data damage? What would you like to do? Obviously you attempt hard to have back your current lost files, isn`t? But you don’t need to try tough, because right here exhibits the right tool, Outlook Email Data Recovery, using that you can recover the Outlook data effortlessly. Before be familiar with this software first view some scenario which you could lose your Outlook data-


  • Usage involving unreliable software- sometimes you may use some alternative tool that proves insecure within the usage, this operation can cause the lost of data.
  • Virus attack- since outlook performs in net, it can be understood that another day data can get influenced with all the harmful malware that will force you to definitely lose your data.
  • System crash- when using the Outlook, unfortunately if the system received crashed and de-activate then you can certainly lose important computer data.

Additionally many others are whenever you update your current Outlook version and cannot transfer the records properly, data corruption in header records, bad areas in storage space, storage get corruption, SHIFT+ DEL key functioning etc. In all of the above mentioned and lots of other conditions of drop of files, this tool will always make you sale without a doubt with its advanced attributes. Let`s view some highlights of the tool-


  • Ability to extract files which might be password shielded.
  • PST files which might be deleted by means of oversized can recovered.
  • Supports Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. Also see the link: myemailrecovery.com/.
  • Also with email folder it has recovery ability to recover RSS feeds, calendar entries, contacts, notes and so on.

There is no doubt regarding every problem has cure. Whenever you suffer from problems of PST file loss from MS Outlook account then there has to be some solution for such issues. Once users go through PST loss of data issues, in some cases they consider as permanent loss or might be quite a few users try to find out solutions for lost PST files recovery. There’s no question that MS Outlook could be the great application in modern days’ communication procedure through emails. But one drawback you’ll face always and that’s the prospect of PST files loss which is not very easy to avoid. Sometime it is possible to reduce these odds of PST file loss.

Only single option chances are you’ll utilize for your safety of one’s Outlook account files and that is certainly maintaining backup files of one’s PST files. This tactic enables to produce same account just as before and even you can retrieve your lost PST documents. In case if the idea flops for you, only Outlook PST files recovery software will help you. But while selecting your PST recovery software don’t forget to confirm the mentioned specifics of lost PST recovery problems.

  • Needs to be efficient at deleting encrypted PST files
  • Must be great at retrieving password protected Outlook data
  • Should support larger sized PST files in the form of PST recover file
  • Have to include data preview option after recovery

With all of these mentioned features it is possible to recognize good quality software of lost PST recovery.

Do you want to gather info on the factors associated which might be from the data removal scenarios from personal PC hard drive? If that is so you should undergo this of this article. Hard drive problem or perhaps formatting issues of your PC hard drive is owned by hard disk loss of data such as the saved PST files. Harmful virus effects about the saved files on Outlook saved data that is PST file. It’s extremely much vital to remember for each user there is always limitation of ideal PST file size. This limitation should not cross as then the other PST files will likely be bypass and continue in file loss problems. Your surpass information will get delete on its own instantly. While seeking to delete your unwanted emails or some used details you recently select to delete them and in hurry you remove other files as a result. Users often make larger sized Outlook data into smaller size. Any disruption must not happen before compressing these PST files if not results in PST data loss issues.

This utility has every mentioned features above. Outlook PST Recovery software is prepared with options that come with best characteristics for successful lost PST recovery. This can be the most successful software that is capable of repairing and restoring lost PST documents. To bring back all your PST files on MS Outlook 2007 or on other editions MS Outlook, you should keep to the mentioned steps has the PST recovery software. It’s like initially you must install this utility on a few other system. Later connect your body drive using your system decide on the respective drive to format it. An individual will be done, just continue the operation of file recovery and preview your restored files after lost file restoration. For further reference, http://www.outlook-pst-recovery.com/.

More and more people across the globe make use of the MS Outlook for managing and storing emails. But, at times unexpectedly you will start encountering problems with MS Outlook eventually making PST file inaccessible. Are you encountering errors and unable to access your MS Outlook PST file? Now, looking out for software to get back data lost from damaged Outlook PST file? If yes, then stop wondering and make use of software named as the PST recapitulation tool that will fix corrupted PST file and easily rescue data such as email items effortlessly.

Whenever you will come across any difficulty in opening your MS Outlook then it is a clear indication that your PST file is damaged. So to get over this problem you need to make use of this popular software named as PST rescue tool that will mend and recover data from corrupt PST file lost due to virus attacks, file system corruption, operating system crash, sudden power failure, etc with utmost ease.

Possible scenarios for data loss from PST file:

  • Human mistakes: If you will accidentally delete Outlook PST file by using “Shift + Delete” option, making deletion of entire stored PST file completely leading to deletion of emails and other data items.
  • Oversized PST file: Unauthorized storage of more data in the PST file than its storage capacity might exceed size more than 2 GB, increasing the chances of data loss by bypassing PST file.
  • Using same PST file over network: Unexpectedly, if almost all users share a common PST file over the network in business organizations eventually will be responsible for organizing and modifying same PST file simultaneously leading to data loss.
  • Compaction of PST file: Whenever you will try to compress large PST file to store huge amount of data, meanwhile during the process any interruption can cause data loss from Outlook PST file.
  • Abrupt termination of Outlook: One of the most common reasons for PST file corruption is improper closing of MS Outlook, when you are still processing or saving unsaved data to a PST file leading to data loss.

Whatever might be the cause for PST file corruption, in order to overcome this nightmare you need to make use of an award winning software named as PST recovery utility. This hassle free application is capable to fix and retrieve deleted emails from PST file emptied from deleted items folder and any other Outlook folder at your finger tips. With the help of this powerful software you can carry out rigorous scanning of damaged PST file to mend and recover calendar items, contacts, appointments, meeting requests, RSS feeds, tasks, and many other Outlook items. This software has already proved its ability to mend most of the PST files that cannot be fixed using inbox repair tool provided with Outlook i.e. scanpst.

Now, even novice user can easily fix and get back data from even password protected PST file and PST file with high compressible or high encryption. Using this popular software you can repair and perform Outlook PST data recovery on MS Outlook of different versions such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc with ease. This software will also fix and rescue PST file from Windows OS of different versions such as Windows 2000, 2003, 2007, XP, Vista, etc with great ease.

Microsoft Outlook is one among the best applications which is used for managing and storing personal information. Again this MS Outlook has many versions included. Each version varies in its own features. Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 are the prominent versions of this Microsoft Outlook.

Along with many advantages there are also some disadvantages of this Microsoft Outlook. One among those is nothing but corruption of the PST files. There may be many numerous reasons of the corruption of PST files. A major of them are mentioned as the below.

Abrupt termination of Outlook application: This is nothing but after saving all the files you will close the Outlook application by using any of the exit or close option. If unintentionally Outlook shuts down when you are accessing these PST files, then your PST file will get corrupted and refuses to open also.

Exceeding the minimum limitation: Microsoft Outlook can store up to 2GB of data. But some different versions of Microsoft Outlook have different size limits. If any of the file exceeds that particular limit then the PST file will get corrupted. And now in this situation it becomes inaccessible by the users.

Opening many emails at a time: This is the situation arises when you are trying to open many number of emails at a time only. At this time there are many chances of Outlook getting hanged. And also the processing speed will be very slow at this time due to opening of many emails at a time.

Now to overcome the above loss scenarios of PST files you need to follow some precautions. One among that is to maintaining a backup so that there will be less chances of occurrence of data loss. One more thing is to never share PST files on the network. In order to repair PST file you should use third party software which is nothing but Repair PST File Software.

Features of Repair PST File Software:

It is an advanced tool by which you can easily repair severely corrupted and also damaged PST files. It also can repair PST on Outlook 2003 files which are not repaired by using Inbox Repair Tool i.e. Scanpst.exe. This PST repair software is having ability to recover emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, tasks and all the other attributes from the corrupted PST files at the recovery process itself.

Steps to download PST File Software:

Step one: The initial step is to download the repair software and also to install that software. And after that launch the application by using desktop short cut icon.

Step two: Now in a new screen you can view three options which are “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Now select “Open PST File” option. In the next window you can search for the PST files that are repaired so you should click “Browse” button. Then select “Next” button.

Step three: Now simply click on the “Next” button so that one more screen appears to choose the scanning method that is either “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan“. Now you can use the “Browse” button and select the destination path for recovered files and then click on “Repair” button.

Step four: As soon as you click on “Repair” button the software recovers all the corrupted files. You can now view the recovered files in a very new screen easily.