Nowadays sending and receiving emails is the backbone of world’s communication. You can approach to your friends, relatives, clients very easily and in very few seconds through emails. One of such email client is the Outlook Express which is developed by Microsoft.  Outlook Express comes free with Windows OS which is easy to use and able to save different information in it like, emails, contacts, drafts, calendar items etc. But these all information’s are used to store in the separate file i.e. dbx file having .dbx extension. When you create your Outlook Express email account, then it creates following Outlook express files like,

  • Inbox.dbx: Stores received emails
  • SentIems.dbx: Stores sent emails and which are delivered.
  • Drafts.dbx: stores saved emails.
  • Outbox.dbx: Stores emails here before moving to the SentItems.dbx
  • Calendar.dbx: Stores user created calendar items.
  • DeletedItems.dbx: Stores emails which are deleted by using “Delete” option.
  • Contacts.dbx: Stores email address in contact list.

What will you do if anyone of the above file gets corrupt or damaged and you are unable to access your stored data from these .dbx files? In such kind of situation, anyone will get frustrate due to loss of important data. But don’t worry, here is a solution, you can repair Outlook Express files by using Outlook Express repair software. This software helps you to repair all corrupted Outlook express files and helps to recover all data in it. But before that, let’s have a look on reasons due to which your Outlook Express gets corrupt.

1] Virus or malware attack: If the Outlook Express files get affected by virus or malware like hazardous stuff then these may corrupt the header of the Outlook Express due to which you are unable to access entire Outlook Express files.

Precaution & Solution: To avoid such kind of situation, always keep antivirus in your system. In case of corruption to repair Outlook Express use Outlook Express Repair Tool.

2] Abrupt system turnoff: Sometimes while accessing your Outlook Express files, your system may get turn off accidently due to power shortage or any other reasons. Due to such action, there are chances of corruption of Outlook Express files.

Precaution & Solution: So to prevent corruption of DBX file, it is always better to use good quality of UPS and sill if you are facing the same problem then you can use Outlook Express Repair Tool.

3] Oversize of Outlook Express file: The DBX files can store upto 2 GB data in it if you cross the size limit of DBX file then due to oversize of Outlook Express file it will get corrupt.

Precaution & Solution: Always avoid exceeding the size limit of DBX file for that before saving the data in it make sure that there is enough space to save data in it.

Outlook Express repair tool is one of the best tools available in market with advanced scan engine. This software helps to repair corrupt or damaged DBX file in short time period. This software supports to the MS Outlook versions, 4, 5, 5.5 and 6. You can download free demo version of this software and try for recovery results.