MS PowerPoint application comes in a package of Ms Office suite using which you can create Presentation files adding images, slides, audio, video, etc.  PowerPoint Presentation files are best way to represent any ideas, seminars, share information, etc in IT, Education and other sectors. However, this kind of presentation helps others to understand topics quickly and clearly. The Presentation file you create can be saved to PPT, PPTX or PPS file format.

As you know that it takes more time and hard work in creating a presentation file on MS PowerPoint application but sometimes your hard work could be useless. When presentation file you have created gets corrupt due to severe virus attacks and resulted inaccessible PPTX file.  In addition, you may receive errors while opening or accessing them and even you do not have backup of that file to restore. How will you repair that PPT file? Do you have any idea to repair that file? If you say No, no need t o worry; since corrupted PPTX files can be easily fixed with the use of third party repair application like Repair PPTX files on Windows OS in few simple steps. This application comes very handy to carry out PPTX repair process with safe and secure and even it restores lost data from it.

List of reasons behind the PPTX file corruption

  • File header corruption: A file header is a file contains information of a file includes size, type, date, name, etc. All these information are essential in order to access a particular file. But if your PPTX file header gets corrupt, you lose access to your PPTX file and result inaccessible file.
  • Application error: Attempting to open or access a PPTX file on inappropriate application might result inaccessible file after changing its file structure and leads to loss of PPTX file. In addition, opening a healthy PPTX file in a application which is giving an error messages frequently or terminates itself suddenly.
  • Sudden system reboot: Suppose you accessing a PPTX file in the MS PowerPoint application if your system terminates suddenly and reboots repeatedly, then your file gets corrupt and result an inaccessible file.
  • User mistakes: Suppose you are accessing a PPTX file which is stored in Pen drive which is connected to a system, but if you ejected that Pen Drive out even though file is in open mode may result in file corruption.
  • Terminating application abruptly: Consider you have been accessing a PPTX file in MS PowerPoint application in system or laptop, if you terminate the application abruptly may corrupt your file and results in inaccessible file.

You PPTX file might corrupt or damage due to above mentioned reasons. However, you can easily repair them with the use of Repair PPTX application with safe and secure on various versions of Windows OS. This application is specially designed to fix PPTX file created on various versions of MS PowerPoint application. Application initially takes replica of corrupted PPTX file and scans it thoroughly to detect all issues. Finally fixes them to give a healthy accessible PPTX file on any versions of MS PowerPoint in few simple steps.

Various advantages of application are

  • Fixes all formats of PowerPoint file includes PPT, PPS and PPTX
  • Recovers hyperlinks, text, image, OLE objects, sound effects from corrupted PPTX file
  • Recovers PPT files with definite presentation headers and footers
  • Supports repairing of PPT file on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 etc
  • Supports PPTX file created on MS PowerPoint 2000 and above
  • Allows you to preview repaired files prior save
  • Provides free technical support via email and live chat application for 24*7 hours
  • User-friendly application thus helps all types of user to access application easily
  • Performs safe, secure and quick file repair process
  • Keeps your PPTX file undamaged since it takes copy of your file to repair

Tips to follow

  • Make use of trustworthy antivirus application to perform scanning of your system in regular manner to kill virus attacks
  • Make use of UPS with your system, which provides an instant backup power to your PC during power failure.
  • Before terminating the system, close all opened applications

MS PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 are generally used by lot of users as both are the latest version of PowerPoint. In these newest versions we have even more innovative characteristics as compared to earlier versions. The PPT presentations prepared in MS PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 are saved in a file sort referred to as PPTX. This is the new format pertaining to MS office files that is a combination of XML (extensible Markup Language) structure and zip compression with regard to reducing size.

PowerPoint software is employed to create presentations which may possess a variety of slides, pictures, animation, and other media items. Presently such demonstration documents are generally used equally for business (organization and advertising) and academic (training and education) functions. In MS PowerPoint 2003 and its earlier versions the info had been saved in just one binary file but in the recent PowerPoint versions like 2010 and 2007 the actual presentation document could be stored like an assortment of separate files in the compressed format. And due to XML architecture, images, macros, animations as well as other media can be put into a demonstration document.

Despite of having various advanced features there is a bitter truth concerning PPTX file. It may become corrupt or perhaps inaccessible at any time as it’s not really resistant to file corruption just like other data files. In fact PowerPoint documents are near highest chances of file corruption because they have pretty large file size and complicated data structure. A PPTX file can be corrupted or perhaps broken because of several main reasons such as:

  • A computer virus can impact each of our info and files stored in a directory or perhaps folder. Often it may affect the application programs that happen to be employed to create data files.
  • While working with PowerPoint if the program closed suddenly as a result of power loss then your file could be damaged or perhaps turns into inaccessible.
  • To save the PPTX document it might take a little more time (according to the file size) and also before the file is saved if the PowerPoint program closed then that particular document may get corrupt or some information inside the file may be missing.
  • If there is an error in computer hard disk or it is crashed then the documents stored in it could be afflicted. This situation can be a big issue if we try to repair it manually. Using this method the info and also the complete file could be damaged or sometimes it could be lost.
  • Whenever we can’t open up each of our PPTX document then we may attempt to remedy it simply by changing the particular file extension as well as for some reason. This course of action is quite harmful, so one thing must be kept in mind that we ought to never ever test such things without having knowledge.

When your PowerPoint presentation is corrupted and thinking on how to fix PPT file, then just download and install the repair PowerPoint software. It performs really very well to repair both PPT and PPTX files as it has the Powerful recovery engine. It also offers the preview option so that you can check the list of repaired files, before saving them. If any one has doubt on this software, first make use of trial version of this software since it can work everything like the full version of the software but to save the repaired file just you need to pay for it.