Find an Efficient Tool to Repair Outlook PST File

Data loss in any form is bad. Most of the computer users are aware of the fragile nature of digital data and hence ensure backup on a regular basis. In spite of this, users tend to lose data. Data loss from Outlook can have severe implications considering the fact that it is used for not just emails, but to schedule tasks, meeting requests, appointments, and personal contacts. Loss of important emails can hamper delivery of projects and associated business process. Emails and other details can be lost from Outlook due to various reasons which are mentioned as follows,

Corruption of PST File: Corruption of the PST folder can be caused if it is used over a network, due to the 2 GB size limit, due to compacting of PST file and damage to PST file header. Repeated scanning of the incoming and outgoing by antivirus can also lead to corruption of the PST files.

Human Errors: Accidental deletion of emails and other PST file attributes is the main cause of data loss from Microsoft Outlook application.

System Related Issues: PST file can get lost due to some other factors such as file system corruption, software malfunction, hard disk failure and power outages that affect stored data in a hard drive can make your emails inaccessible.

Among all these factors, the most common reason for losing data from Outlook is through deletion. Apart from that caused due to human errors, deletion can be caused when you compact PST file and due to virus infection. Enabling the option to clear deleted email will remove deleted emails from Deleted Items each time you exit Outlook. However you can recover deleted emails and repair Outlook PST file attributes using Repair Outlook PST software effectively.

Some Unique Features of Repair Outlook PST Software:

  • Using this reliable software you can easily fix and restore deleted emails. However, you need to be a member of the local administrator group or should possess equivalent rights.
  • The software is easy to use and allows you to evaluate the trial version of the software. This will help you to get a fair idea about the PST file repairing capabilities of the software in restoring data.
  • In addition to deleted email PST file recovery, using this software you can fix corrupted PST file attributes contacts, messages, appointments, meeting requests, task requests, folders, journals and notes from PST files.
  • Repair Outlook PST supports recovery of large attachments and different file formats such as HTML, RTF and plain text.
  • Another significant aspect is the 24/7 customer support provided by the software publisher. Customer support is available through both telephone and online chat.
  • You can also use the ticketing system to resolve your queries. This is the efficient software that helps you to recover data from Outlook reliably.

Nowadays, everyone is well known about this Emails like exactly what are emails, exactly what its positive aspects, how to utilize it and so on. From pupil of educational institutions and universities to professional folks who working from the big sector and marketplace everyone utilizes the emails when considering the verbal exchanges. Electronic mail, generally often known as Email, is often a way connected with interchanging the actual digital text from one of sender to one or several receivers with the means on the internet. Basically this present Email is usually a replacement on the earlier classic mails.

In current days MS Outlook as well as OLE which is Outlook Express includes the most in common used electronic mail clients with the Windows. And also the emails you can utilize your Outlook intended for storing the information files such as notes, previous emails, private contacts, calendar entries, attachments etc. All this is stored with specific file format of, usually called Personal Storage Table, PST file. As this specific PST records contains each of the data that plays significant role throughout Outlook. One should care for PST record that it should not get damaged in any reasons. One particular feature associated with Outlook amongst many, it offers recovery system for PST records.

As acknowledged, Outlook client, it’s obvious it works with internet. It opens an opportunity of trouble for the PST records. Actually there are several other probabilities of PST records get harmed and get you inside the unwanted circumstance of info loss. Coming to the issue, what for anyone who is in true situation involving data damage? What would you like to do? Obviously you attempt hard to have back your current lost files, isn`t? But you don’t need to try tough, because right here exhibits the right tool, Outlook Email Data Recovery, using that you can recover the Outlook data effortlessly. Before be familiar with this software first view some scenario which you could lose your Outlook data-


  • Usage involving unreliable software- sometimes you may use some alternative tool that proves insecure within the usage, this operation can cause the lost of data.
  • Virus attack- since outlook performs in net, it can be understood that another day data can get influenced with all the harmful malware that will force you to definitely lose your data.
  • System crash- when using the Outlook, unfortunately if the system received crashed and de-activate then you can certainly lose important computer data.

Additionally many others are whenever you update your current Outlook version and cannot transfer the records properly, data corruption in header records, bad areas in storage space, storage get corruption, SHIFT+ DEL key functioning etc. In all of the above mentioned and lots of other conditions of drop of files, this tool will always make you sale without a doubt with its advanced attributes. Let`s view some highlights of the tool-


  • Ability to extract files which might be password shielded.
  • PST files which might be deleted by means of oversized can recovered.
  • Supports Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. Also see the link:
  • Also with email folder it has recovery ability to recover RSS feeds, calendar entries, contacts, notes and so on.

Varieties of sources are available which are used to communicate with each other. And in this digitally advanced world the major source of communication between peoples is made through emails and now on it becomes a communication medium. And for this purpose, MS Outlook is used by many peoples over the globe because apart from emailing, it provides many other amazing features to users. Outlook application is very popular, especially in business world because features like keeping contacts, meeting information, tasks, appointments, calendar events, etc. are used in business world daily. User stores all the personal and confidential details in a file named as PST file. It also holds other attributes also and it simply suggests that any harm to this PST file is not tolerated by the user at any cost.

But when a large number of advantages are provided by any application then it means there are some disadvantages too. So you have to be prepared to face all these instances. These situations take place when the Outlook user losses data from the PST file after unforeseen reasons. Actually this certain point comes when the PST file of Outlook gets damaged or corrupted. This issue with PST file stops user to access the account which simply means that they cannot see and use the attributes and the information stored in the PST file.

Some major scenarios which damage the PST file of Outlook are discussed, read it once and then you’ll know how your PST file gets damaged or corrupted at different stages:

  • PST Header File Corruption: Header is the most important element of any file, because it keeps all the information regarding the file like it holds information like file type, size, date of creation and modification etc. So it simply shows that any intentional or accidental changes will put you in very big problem because any wrong process performed on this file will damage or corrupt the PST file.
  • Network Issues: The major problem of network issues arises when the PST file which resides on the network server faces unforeseen errors or any sort of network link issues cause this problem.
  • PST File Size Issues: We can say that this reason is the most common among Outlook users. Fix size limit is allotted to PST file and it varies from one version of Outlook to other. If the PST file crosses the maximum limit then it results in a damage PST file.
  • Virus Infection: It is always advised to users that do not use any untrusted networks and do not share your PST file on local networks because there are chances of virus infection which enters your file and ultimately results in a damaged PST file.

If you gone through these scenarios and your PST data went missing after these circumstances then PST Repair Software is only developed for you. The advance algorithm of this application searches the broken PST file of Outlook deeply to recover PST data in very short span of time. User can fix corruption or damage issues of PST file which is password protected or highly compressed, if they take help of this program.

Fix My PST tool only reads the source PST file and creates a new healthy PST file for you along with the attributes which went missing after such issues. So don’t worry about your original PST file because at the end you’ll get a new file. You’ll be amazed by seeing that this tool will not take much time to mend broken PST file of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010 in just a few steps. Industry experts worldwide recommend this application as the best one to repair corrupted or damaged PST file.

Some important points were mentioned to avoid damage to the PST file of Outlook; if you follow these precautions then you will not face any problems in future:

  • Updated antivirus program must be used in the system to avoid virus or malware attacks
  • Always remove unwanted emails and other attributes regularly to avoid oversize of the PST file.
  • Always close the MS Outlook application properly and ensure that the PST file is not in use.
  • Always keep backup of PST file to fight back with these factors

However, if you face any sort of problem, then just download the evaluation version of the tool and install if on your computer and use it once to see amazing results.

The PST file is basically used as a back end to save the data in the Outlook.  The Outlook is not deprived of any introduction as all most all the users are using this as their mailing tool.

Outlook initially was launched in 2000 which was having some short comes and that tool didn’t work and later there comes the different version of the software. In the earlier version of the tool the main problem was with the size of PST file which was of only 2 GB and often face the scenarios of oversized PST due to which there is data loss.

Then later comes the Outlook other version which deals with the bigger size of PST file to save the data. The size was increased and at last it comes to 50 GB as this is the max size to deals with in case of saving the data.

They overcame with the corruption scenarios that is of the small size PST file but further as the Outlook started to be used world wide it got many more reasons for data loss.

So if there is corruption in PST file then there will be data loss which will lead you to data loss and the solution to the problem is outlook PST recovery tool which will save you from data loss.

To Recover corrupt outlook PST file you need some third party tool to do the needful for you and later you will be enriched with the tool.

What can lead you to data loss cannot be known sometimes as there are many reasons and ways which corrupts the PST and OST file in the system. Firstly the action on PST file can directly lead PST to corruption or to the loss.

  • If the PST file needs to be transferred in limited source or feels to preserve the space then it need to be compressed and if compressed with inappropriate tools than can corrupt the file.
  • If you feel need to share your file to other needed person and then for the deed selected the unsecured network then there could be the PST file corruption or loss.
  • Data’s holding and saving in PST file goes through a very complex process and if this process is interrupted then there could be the greater loss and even sometime irrecoverable.

These were the general corruption ways if applied on the PST file then the consequences for the data will not be good, so in order to save your data from loss better to go just opposite to the scenarios which secure your file from corruption.

Else if you don’t follow you will definitely lose the file and its attributes too so after the file is corrupted or is lost then you need some recovery tool to recover you from the loss. These recovery tool downloads links are available on internet which will give you the exe and after you will be facilitated with the feature of recovery.



Microsoft Outlook is the world’s best and most popular email application. It is referred to as an email client as it helps in sending emails, create scheduling, receiving emails, tasks, notes, calendar entries and all other Outlook attributes. Microsoft Outlook performs variety of tasks and is a perfect solution for storing emails or Outlook attributes. It uses special files for storing Outlook data, which is known as Outlook PST files. These files are related to the size of pst file. Whenever PST file reaches it maximum limit i.e more than 2GB gets corrupted. Don’t worry! About the PST file corruption. You have many options to repair Microsoft Outlook PST files by using the PST File Repair Software. Outlook inbuilt PST repair tool such as scanpst.exe is also available with every versions of Outlook which helps in repairing the corrupted PST files. These inbuilt PST repair tools are not effective sometimes for heavily damaged PST files. Let us discuss some the common reasons for heavily damaged PST files:

  • Outlook profiles get corrupted sometimes due to virus attacks or many other reasons and results in PST file corruption and deletion.
  • Sometimes by accidentally pressing the shift+ delete key combination the PST file gets corrupted and damaged.
  • Sometimes the PST file exceeds its maximum limit results in oversized Outlook PST file and gets corrupted.

Hence you can easily overcome the above mentioned scenarios by using the PST file repair software. This software is very effective and provides complete file recovery even if it is badly damaged. Let us discuss the important features of PST file repair software:


PST repair software is very effective software, which provides fast file recovery of corrupted and damaged PST files along with other Outlook attributes. This software also supports all versions of Outlook and can easily repair pst file on outlook 2010, 2003, 2007, 2000 and all other versions of Outlook. It also supports all versions of Windows operating systems. You can easily acquire the free trial version of PST file repair software by following steps:

Steps to download PST file repair software:

Step 1: Download the free trial version of the software first and then install it. Create a shortcut icon on the desktop for convenience.

Step 2: Quick launch the PST file repair software by double clicking on the shortcut icon and select the correct option from “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”.  After clicking the correct option click on next.

Step 3: Select the corrupted PST file and then select the appropriate scanning option. Now select the “Browse” option and choose the appropriate location where you want to save the repaired PST files.

Step 4: You can preview the repaired PST files.

Microsoft Office Outlook is one of the most powerful applications of Microsoft Office. It is generally used for sending and receiving emails quickly and most commonly used by business people. Microsoft Outlook helps in maintaining contacts, calendars, meetings, appointments, tasks and other outlook related information. But sometimes the data is inaccessible and refuses to open. The reason is PST file corruption. PST files get corrupted due to many reasons. Some of the common reason of PST file corruption and deletion are:

Corruption due to PST file compression: Sometimes you may compressed the files in order to reduce the files size or for sharing the files to different computers. Hence due to improper compression the PST files get corrupted and deleted.

Attempt to launch so many applications at a time: Sometimes you may try to launch so many applications or emails which results in freezing of Outlook and PST file corruption and deletion.

Header corruption: Header contains important Outlook information such as size of the file, name of the file, creation date etc. If any alterations occurs due to mistake, results in header files corruption and PST deletion.

So by using a good pst repair utility you can repair corrupted PST files and recover all outlook data. The most important thing is to maintain a regular backup of your important outlook to prevent them from losses. Else, this software helps to retrieve the data even it is badly damaged or severely affected.

Features of Repair PST Software:

  1. Outlook PST repair software can competently recover deleted  calendar, email messages, contacts, notes, meeting requests, journals, tasks, and appointments.
  2. This tool supports all versions of Outlook. It can easily repair pst on Outlook  2010,2003,2007,2000,2002,97 and 98.
  3. This tool can even repairs Outlook inbox emails.
  4. This tool can repair oversized PST files and even password protected PST files.
  5. This tool can even fix encrypted PST files.
  6. This tool can easily recover Outlook files showing error messages 0x80040600 and 0x80040119

You can easily download the free trial version of PST repair software by following steps:

Steps to download Repair Outlook PST Software:

Step 1: After downloading, install the trial version of PST repair software and by double clicking on the icon launch the software from the desktop.

Step 2: After launching the software you will find three options “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Select “Open PST File” option from the software and select the drive / partition from which you want to repair the PST files.

Step 3: The software will start the scanning process in order to repair the corrupted PST files. Once the scanning process completes, select the repair option and the destination path where you want to save the repaired PST files.

Step 4: You can preview the repaired files after the process completes.