Hard drives are the mass storage unit that stores all the data which includes office files, audio, pictures, video and also other media files. The size of the hard drive on the system varies from 80GB to 2TB. The hard drives can be divided into number of partitions in order to segregate user files from system files. When the hard drives are divided into partitions then there will be a chance of losing the data from the partitions due to various reasons like accidental deletion, formatting, reformatting, file system corruption, power failure, etc. This makes the file inaccessible resulting in huge data loss.

During the process of formatting the system hard drive you should be careful otherwise you will face the severe data loss. To explain this situation let us consider one of the scenario like during formatting process you wrongly formatted the partition E instead of partition D. The main thing is you are not having the backup of that partition which you have formatted. As a result most of the important files stored on that formatted partition become inaccessible leading to data loss. If you are facing this kind of problem by losing all your important files from the system hard drive then don’t worry as you can rescue formatted partition data by using the best partition recovery software. Some of the other reasons for data loss from the system hard drive are mentioned below.

Common reason behind for loss of data

  • Spyware infection: If your system is infected by harmful virus then you perform certain action to eliminate those threats and to safeguard the system which may not remove the virus. At this situation the affected partition should be formatted to remove the harmful threats which results in huge data loss.
  • Interruption during transfer process: When you are transferring some of the important files and folders from your system to the other external storage device. Meanwhile, during this process if any interruption occurs such as power failure and the system shut down abruptly closing all the running application then the file store on the hard drive gets corrupted resulting in data loss.
  • Re-installation of OS: If you perform the re-installation of the OS many times the process forces you to reformat the drive to remove the threats that are present. Thus the process will erase all the files stored on the drive resulting in data loss.
  • Corruption of Registry file: Registry file contains all the basic information of the hardware and the software components of the system. If the file is increased on this registry then it affects the system performance. It leads to the format the system that will turn results in data loss.

The above mentioned scenarios are some of the common reason for loss of data from the system hard drive. If you stuck with the other scenarios of losing the important files then no need to worry as you can recover all your lost or deleted files by using the hard drive recovery software. This software also supports to retrieve file after formatting during OS re-installation and also restores reformatted partitions for the system having multiple operating system.

Some of the other features of this utility

  • This software supports file recovery from other external storage devices like flash USB drives, iPods, memory cards, SD card, MMC, CD, DVD, FireWire drives, etc.
  • With the aid of this utility you can find formatted partitions Mac data and also from various files systems on both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • This tool restores data from lost, deleted or inaccessible partitions or volumes easily.
  • Restored data can be sorted on the basis of name, size, date and file type.
  • This software has the ability to identify and recover all the popular photos, audio, video and digital RAW photo files.

You can download the free demo version of this toolkit and evaluate the recovery result. If satisfied with this result you can purchase the complete application with the reasonable price.