Windows Vista is the OS developed by Microsoft Corporation which is the leading multinational company in developing all versions of Windows operating systems. Microsoft Windows have various versions including Windows XP, Windows 7 and others. This Windows Vista OS was added with many advantageous features like new Windows DVD maker, advanced graphical user interface, etc. It can store files, text, documents, excel sheets, program files, games and others. However these data in the system might be lost in a variety of situations.

The common reasons of data loss from Windows systems are accidental deletion, formatting, viruses attack etc. on the system drive. Here is one such similar situation that ended up in loss of data. Assume that while formatting the system drive the system drive there was power failure that terminated the process of formatting. So, because of this the file system of the drive got corrupt and the data that was stored on it got corrupt. This caused severe loss of data. In such case the only method to restore those data is to opt for Windows Vista recovery software. The software can easily recover all the data from various Windows systems.

Listed here are the scenarios of data loss:

  • Improper strategy for creating the backup data – Allowing the backup data in wrong way like creating shortcuts rather than saving it in a location might corrupt the files. Also while creating backup on external storage devices if you find improper interface between systems along with the device then backup data might get corrupt and so files become inaccessible leading to loss of data.
  • Virus attack – When the system drive is attacked by any harmful viruses then the files stored on the drive will probably become corrupt and inaccessible. Thus causing severe loss of data.
  • Re-installation of OS – When you re-install the main system, occurrence of all sorts of errors in the process might make you format it drive. Thus erasing every one of the data in the drive.
  • Overwriting the formatted drive – Whenever you format the drive accidentally then you should be very careful about the drive because if the formatted drive is overwritten then this lost data cannot be restored back by making use of any recovery software.

In all of the scenarios of data loss as a result of drive format on Windows, if your formatted drive is not overwritten, then you can certainly easily retrieve all the data that is certainly lost. You can easily rescue Windows data lost in various ways. The application has certain features which can be stated as below:

  • Performs absolute recovery of Windows data with super easy steps
  • Accurate recovery of formatted data from various versions of Windows systems
  • The software utility helps you to restore data on computer drives having different file systems like FAT, FAT12, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, etc on Windows
  • You also can recover data lost from various formatted storage devices like memory cards, USB drives, etc
  • You can easily get back data from dell laptop after OS crash on Windows XP.

The application perfectly restores each of the lost data from various storage devices. It can be utilized on most Windows systems like Windows 7, Windows, XP and Windows 2003 as well as Windows 2008. Just go here for additional information and download the software program to do any trail.