Disk Partition Recovery Software

Partitions are the logical sections of hard drive. The basic idea behind creation of partitions is to separate the operating system files and the files managed by user. It also allows the users to manage multiple operating systems and file systems, helps in increasing the system performance, and manages the files in a much better way. If one partition is corrupt, user can still access the files in the other partition. And all these benefits of partitioning has prompted most users to use more than one partition in their system.

There are numerous tools that helps the users to create and manage partitions, even Windows operating system comes with an inbuilt tool to partition the hard drive i.e. Disk management utility. This tool facilitates the user to create, format, remove, shrink, extend or merge the partitions. It is extremely useful as users will think of adjusting their disk space as per their requirement.

But it’s really important to use an efficient tool to partition your hard drive, as there are lot of faulty applications available in market these days. Windows disk management utility is not familiar to every user, have to admit the fact that it is not that user friendly. Using partitioning tools can be fatal at times as errors occurred during partitioning the hard drive can lead to corruption situations and may even loose the partition due to the same reason. And these data loss situations caused due to this are quite unfavorable for any user and that’s why we require an efficient Partitions Recovery software. There are various reasons that lead to loss or deletion of hard drive partition, most common situations are discussed below.

Reasons behind deletion or loss of partitions from hard drive

  • Accidental deletion: User at times might delete the hard drive partition while managing the hard drive partitions; instead of deleting an unwanted partition, user might choose an important partition and deletes it.
  • Due to file system conversion: Converting the file system of a partition from FAT to NTFS may cause EFS loss situations i.e. encryption information and loss of file system permissions that contains info about users and system processes who are granted with access. Thus, user will not be able to access the files in the partition.
  • Partitioning errors: As you know the disk partitioning tools allow users to create dual partitions in the hard drive, but any sort of error during partitioning of the hard drive can easily corrupt the boot sector information on your hard drive that contains essential information about total number of partitions, number of sectors, size of the sector, its start and end point, etc. Corruption to boot sector can cause loss of partition from hard drive.
  • Virus infection: One of the major reasons that lead to corruption or missing of hard drive partition. The harmful viruses that enter into the hard drive damages the MBR (Master Boot Record) that contains information regarding partition table. Hence the partition table will become invisible to the user, which indeed leads to huge data loss situations.
  • Usage of third party applications: Most users prefer to use third party tools to create new partition or to resize the existing partition. However, locating the free space using these tools can cause deletion of partitions

Most users find it difficult to recover partitions after facing these situations but this is not hard as you think. You can easily recover hard drive partition using Partitions Recovery software that are deleted or lost due to various predicted and unpredicted reasons. Partitions Recovery is a professional tool designed by experts which is error free and extremely safe to recover hard drive partitions.

Partitions Recovery is an incredible tool recommended by experts which can recover data from hard drive partition that went lost or inaccessible. This application is efficient in recovering hard drive partitions that is formatted with various file systems such as NTFS, FAT, FAT32, ExFAT, etc. It supports partitions recovery from missing partitions on hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, etc. It recovers all types of files like pictures, audios, videos, documents, etc. from partitions that went inaccessible or lost. It is compatible to work with various operating system platforms of Windows and Mac.