Easily retrieve data from damaged partition

Hard drive is one of the essential components of Windows computer or laptop to set up and store valuable data about it. It can save your huge variety of files on your hard disk and easily manage it. For quick as well as simple control over your cherished data on hard disk drive, the hard drive might be split up into various partitions based on one’s requirement. One benefit of doing partition is that you won’t lose the files which are not on os disk, which will get lost as a result of main system crash, when user has single partition. However, in few instances, the NTFS data partition also gets damaged because of numerous reasons like virus attack on file system. Due to this, you may face severe partition loss situations and would need to use tool like Recover Formatted. It easily recover ntfs partition of Windows hard disk in short while of the application.

Mostly Widows hard disk drives lose their data on ntfs partition because of accidental format. Let’s suppose that you happen to be focusing on certain project which requires Linux os. However you like to have window 7 on your own system. And that means you decided to get both OS on your own hard disk, since you have 4 GB of RAM which can easily manage two OS at the same time. And that means you emptied one of your hard disk partitions to make it dedicated for Linux OS. But, while performing setting up Linux os you formatted another drive in error. Because of this improper act done by you made each one of the files on that drive erased in matter of moments. Thus, you now remain to accuse the one and only yourself. But, such state of affair could be reverted by usage of Recover Formatted software, which is committed to to recover formatted disk and deliver every one of the files within the same format as it were before formatting the disk.

Other common reasons of data loss from hard drive partition are errors while partitioning, file system corruption as a result of virus attack, damage caused to partition table, improper power down of system, etc. All the aforementioned scenarios can be easily recovered by usage of Recover Formatted tool.

Recover Formatted has one of the astounding scanning algorithm which backtracks all the lost data from Windows hard drive using its unique way. This application supports different brands of hard drive like Toshiba, Western Digital, Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, Dell, Buffalo and also other leading hard disk drive companies. It’s got among the best graphic user interfaces which may be employed by expert in addition to novice equally. If any user has lost his contents off their peripheral hard disk drive then it enables you to retain them with few steps to utilize.

Thus by evaluating the glittering options that come with Recover Formatted software we can easily claim that you can use it for recovery of files from Windows hard disk drive disk that is easily accessible over internet for downloading.