Flash drive recovery

There are many reasons due to which flash drives becomes corrupted or unreadable. It may be due to formatting/reformatting the flash drive accidentally, virus attacks on the flash, abruptly ejecting the flash drives from the computer, by emptied recycle bin and many other reasons. If your flash drive is corrupted due to any such reasons, the most important thing is to to avoid saving any new data or editing the existing data o the flash drive. If you will save new data, it may overwritten the existing data and you might not be able to recover the data. In such cases you can check the flash drives by scanning with some antivirus software. The other reasons of data corruption are might be the flash drive itself is physically damaged. Let us discuss some steps due to which you can check if the flash drive is physically damaged or not.

  1. By using the magnifying glass, check whether the head of the flash drive is clean. If it is dusty, clean the head of the drive and try to connect. If it doesn’t works then proceed to next step.
  2. Try to open the body of the flash drive carefully and by using the magnifying glass, check the pins and leads between the flash drive board and head. If they are lose. Try to press them back together using your finger. Then try to insert the drive to the computer.

If your drive is still not working or the data is still not readable then you need to use the recover flash drive software. This software is very effective and provides complete recovery of corrupted data. This software supports all versions of windows operating systems. It can even recover flash drive partitions. You can also download the free trial version of the software.

Steps to install and download the recover flash drive software

Step 1:-The first step is to download the free trial version of the flash drive recovery software. After downloading the software, install it and create a shortcut icon on the desktop.

Step 2:- After connecting the flash drive or any data storage device to your laptop or computer quickly launch the software and select the corrupted drive or partition from where you need to recover the corrupted data.

Step 3:- Then click on next so that the software will start scanning the complete drive.

Step 4:- After scanning the drive completely, the software will start recovery the corrupted data.

Step 5:- You can even preview the corrupted data and save them to the location of your choice.