How to Recover Deleted Files from SSD Hard Drive?

SSD is the acronym of Solid State Disk. It is also a type of hard drive. But it does not have any disk or drive motor in it. It only uses IC assemblies as its memory to save its data. SSDs uses NAND based flash memories that retains data without power supply. Both the SSD and HDD performs same process i.e storing your data. But the speed, performance and form factor are relatively high for SDD when compared to HDD. At the same time, SDDs are expensive too.SSD Recovery
Though SSD uses advanced features to store data, the files saved in it may be deleted in many scenarios. If you are one of the victim of such a file deletion and looking to recover deleted files from SSD hard drive, make use of “Recover My Deleted File” tool to retrieve your deleted data. This tool can recover more than 280 types of files.

Scenarios for Deletion / Loss of Files:

  • If you often transfer files from one place to another place in your drive, it may sometimes result in missing of those files and also interruption while data transferring process from SDD may lead in deletion of files.
  • Say that, you have connected your solid state drive to your system, to perform some read / write operation. Suddenly, your computer may get freeze due to some issues. In this case, the ongoing process will be stopped and closed forcefully. Due to this, the files that you are working may be deleted from the external drive.
  • Using command prompt without proper knowledge to delete files from your hard drive may result in deleting those files completely.
  • You may have decide to reinstall your operating system. At that time you may perform the reinstalling operation without removing your SDD. While the operation takes place, without knowing that you may accidentally format all your hard drives. This results in loss of data from your SSD.
  • There are some other reasons like anti virus deletion, abrupt shutdown of the system at the time of working with external drive, using third party tool to access data from SSD etc. may result in permanent deletion of data from the external drive.

Compatibility of this Software:

Recover My Deleted File software can retrieve data from different types of memory cards, USB drives, hard drives etc. With the help of this recovery tool you can restore files from partitions that are not getting mounted. This tool can recover deleted files from all brands of USB flash drives such as SanDisk, Kingston, Toshiba, HP, etc. It uses advanced scanning algorithm to retrieve your deleted data from your external drives. This application recovers files, which were deleted using command prompt. It allows you to “sort” out the recovered files according to their name, size, date and file type. You are allowed to preview your restored files prior before saving it. With the help of this application you can perform recovery from formatted partitions too.