How to Repair Corrupted MOV File

Most of us utilize multimedia player to view different types of videos with distinctive file formats including (MOV, MP4, 3GP, AVI and so on.), where among all other file format MOV video file is more favorite one. However, sometimes you may face several situations like computer virus attack, incomplete media player download and much more. Due to this kind of reason, your media player could get corrupt or damage and you’ll not be in position to open certain MOV file or other video files on Mac PC. In such instances, you may consider damaged video file can’t ever be repaired. Yet, the fact is by using intuitive MOV Repair software you are able to simply fix any kind of corrupted video files with ease.

This software can “Fix Invalid MOV file” error and various possible errors associated with video file are “File format is not supported”, “Media player cannot play this file format”, “cannot open the file: 004_0555_02.MOV” and so on. Moreover to avoid such errors, you can fallow some precautions like have proper backup to certain crucial video files, utilize upgraded anti-virus application and always utilize compatible media player etc.

Few possible reasons for MOV file corruption:

  • Usually, a Mov file contains file header information including file format, name, date, size and etc. In which as a result of severe virus assault, it can corrupt header file information that ends up with damaging the video file.
  • When you seek to play particular video inside PC on certain QuickTime media player, as a result of sudden termination of PC or inappropriate download of media player will give raise to invalid Mov file error. This kind error messages causes to become video unplayable or maybe inaccessible.
  • While transferring certain Mov file to some storage device like pen drive. During this operation, sudden removal of pen drive can result in damaging video or incomplete file transfer.
  • Sometimes, when you play video on any media player, it may play only sound or maybe video. This problem may appear due to damaged video file or maybe corrupted media player.

To overcome all sort of problems, this software is specially made with inbuilt scan engine, which completely scans the hard disk drive or external drive to find corrupted or broken Mov video files in a very less time. This application provides special feature to determine certain corrupted or maybe damaged video files using “Find tool”, where it repairs and restores files on basis with their unique signature and extension, name, size, modification date and so on. In addition, this ultimate application helps user to fix video file corruption on other removable storage drives like USB drive, USB flash drive, memory card, FireWire drive etc. it quickly repairs MOV video file on several Digicam brands like SONY, KODAK, SIGMA, Canon and Panasonic and so on. It has automatic repair feature to separate video and audio data channels and adjoin them to create new playable video file. Further, resolves corrupted video file on Mac OS (Mac OS X, Mavericks, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard and so on. ) and Microsoft windows OS (Windows XP, 2007, 2008, Vista etc. ) For more information about media file repair on Mac go here: