How to Rescue Data from PST?

Varieties of sources are available which are used to communicate with each other. And in this digitally advanced world the major source of communication between peoples is made through emails and now on it becomes a communication medium. And for this purpose, MS Outlook is used by many peoples over the globe because apart from emailing, it provides many other amazing features to users. Outlook application is very popular, especially in business world because features like keeping contacts, meeting information, tasks, appointments, calendar events, etc. are used in business world daily. User stores all the personal and confidential details in a file named as PST file. It also holds other attributes also and it simply suggests that any harm to this PST file is not tolerated by the user at any cost.

But when a large number of advantages are provided by any application then it means there are some disadvantages too. So you have to be prepared to face all these instances. These situations take place when the Outlook user losses data from the PST file after unforeseen reasons. Actually this certain point comes when the PST file of Outlook gets damaged or corrupted. This issue with PST file stops user to access the account which simply means that they cannot see and use the attributes and the information stored in the PST file.

Some major scenarios which damage the PST file of Outlook are discussed, read it once and then you’ll know how your PST file gets damaged or corrupted at different stages:

  • PST Header File Corruption: Header is the most important element of any file, because it keeps all the information regarding the file like it holds information like file type, size, date of creation and modification etc. So it simply shows that any intentional or accidental changes will put you in very big problem because any wrong process performed on this file will damage or corrupt the PST file.
  • Network Issues: The major problem of network issues arises when the PST file which resides on the network server faces unforeseen errors or any sort of network link issues cause this problem.
  • PST File Size Issues: We can say that this reason is the most common among Outlook users. Fix size limit is allotted to PST file and it varies from one version of Outlook to other. If the PST file crosses the maximum limit then it results in a damage PST file.
  • Virus Infection: It is always advised to users that do not use any untrusted networks and do not share your PST file on local networks because there are chances of virus infection which enters your file and ultimately results in a damaged PST file.

If you gone through these scenarios and your PST data went missing after these circumstances then PST Repair Software is only developed for you. The advance algorithm of this application searches the broken PST file of Outlook deeply to recover PST data in very short span of time. User can fix corruption or damage issues of PST file which is password protected or highly compressed, if they take help of this program.

Fix My PST tool only reads the source PST file and creates a new healthy PST file for you along with the attributes which went missing after such issues. So don’t worry about your original PST file because at the end you’ll get a new file. You’ll be amazed by seeing that this tool will not take much time to mend broken PST file of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010 in just a few steps. Industry experts worldwide recommend this application as the best one to repair corrupted or damaged PST file.

Some important points were mentioned to avoid damage to the PST file of Outlook; if you follow these precautions then you will not face any problems in future:

  • Updated antivirus program must be used in the system to avoid virus or malware attacks
  • Always remove unwanted emails and other attributes regularly to avoid oversize of the PST file.
  • Always close the MS Outlook application properly and ensure that the PST file is not in use.
  • Always keep backup of PST file to fight back with these factors

However, if you face any sort of problem, then just download the evaluation version of the tool and install if on your computer and use it once to see amazing results.