In summary, before you begin the task of data recovery consider whether you are in need of laptop data recovery or recovery of files from the standard desktop computer. And if you are trying to recover deleted files on a desktop computer, does that computer use the older FAT file system or the newer NTFS? NTFS recovery is far more prevalent. A further qualifier relative to hardware is that you must determine whether you are searching for a few files or if you need to recover and save an entire hard drive. When you need to recover deleted partition files, the software you choose must be of vastly higher quality. Partition recovery takes longer and hence requires the fastest program available.

Are you simply hoping to find a few deleted files on a USB flash drive? USB data recovery is perhaps is the simplest of all file recovery. When attempting to recover lost data on your internal hard drive you may be merely trying to retrieve files that you inadvertently deleted from the Windows recycle bin. Recycle bin recovery is somewhat difficult in that the software you choose for the task should be built with this specific sorting feature in place.

In essence, the entire object of data recovery is to undelete files. And though the term undelete is in some ways a complete misnomer, it still serves us well in the world of data and disk recovery.