Partition Recovery Software to Recover Deleted or Lost Partitions

“Hi, recently while partitioning my hard disk using Windows Disk Management Utility, I accidently deleted an important partition which contained some precious data and I tried recovering that partition by using some of the recovery tools. But, none of it gave me exact solution. Can anyone suggest me a best tool to recover data from deleted partition? Thanks in advance”.

Your deleted or lost partition can be easily recovered by most capable data recovery utility namely Partitions Recovery software. This exclusive application can recover deleted partition on all types of hard disk drives such as SATA, IDE and SCSI, solid state disks, so on. Partitions recovery tool is suited for Windows as well Mac operating systems. Before in-depth analysis of this utility, let you know a few things about partitions and causes for deletion or loss of partition.

A partition may be defined as a logical division of hard drives where you can organize data more conveniently. A Hard drive is partitioned as physical as well as extended; a physical drive is a one which contains operating system on it while extended drive is one which contains all logical drives. Multiple partitions allow different file systems on different partitions. It enables the user to have multiple operating systems installed on different partitions. Formatting one partition will not affect data on other.

Causes for Partitions Deletion:

  • Accidental Deletion: A physical drive can be extended or shrink its size of existing partition by Windows Disk Management Utility. But, while performing this operation you may unintentionally delete the partition.
  • Third Party Application: Using an unreliable third party tool for partitioning or resizing your hard drive, it may automatically delete your any one of your partition without your knowledge which leads to loss of data.
  • Booting Problem: During booting you may notice on text flashing on to your monitor saying “Invalid Partition Table” or “Operation System not found” this may occur due to MBR corruption. This may results in the loss of partition.
  • Other Reasons: Partition Table holds all the information about partitions on the system drive. So, if it gets damaged due to some causes, it may leads to partition loss.

Whatever may be the scenarios this tool has capability to recover all data from deleted/ lost partition, Partition recovery utility can perform recovery for more than 300 types of files from a partition including RAW files, photo, video files, audio files, program files, documents and much more. It supports various branded hard disk drives like Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Iomega, Hitachi, Maxtor, OCZ technology etc.

Partition recovery is user friendly/ malware free utility can also perform recovery on USB external hard drives, fire wire drives etc. it can even restore FAT, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16,HSF,NTFS, NTFS5 and HSF+  partitions/volumes. The Save Recovery Session of the software to enables you to continue the recovery process for the next time. Its preview option allows you to view recovered partition data prior to restoration. For more info visit this site.