Perfect Tool to Repair Microsoft Word DOCX File

Document files are widely used to create professional documents. It stores pictures, texts, videos, clipart, OLE objects, etc. Sometimes these doc file may get corrupted due to various reasons. To overcome with such situations, you need to repair doc file with the help of repairing software. You can make use of Repair Office Documents software to repair corrupted Microsoft word Doc or Docx file.

Reasons that are responsible for corruption of Word Docx and Doc files:

File System Corruption: When the file system of a system or any storage device gets corrupted then it can severely affect files like Doc or Docx.

Virus Infection: While downloading document files from the internet or during transferring files from system to any storage device or vice-versa, some viruses may enter in your system and damage your Doc files.

Improper System Shutdown: Due to power surge or human errors if the system shutdown improperly then your document files may get lost.

Improper Recovery: If you are using unreliable repairing tool to repair your corrupt Doc or Docx files, then sometimes it may end up with the corruption of Word documents.

Transfer Errors: Document files may get corrupted if there is any interruption like power failure or unexpected shutdown of system while transferring doc files from one storage device to other.

Round Dripping: Documents files may get corrupted when you convert doc file to some other file format. Suppose you converted doc file to PDF and again convert it back to Doc from PDF.

Other Reasons: Doc or Docx file header corruption, bad sectors, Software malfunctioning, improper installation, using third party tools, etc are reasons that are responsible for corruption of Doc and Docx files.

Some points to remember to avoid corruption of document files:

  • Always keep backup of important document files in multiple storage devices.
  • Scan your system with updated Antivirus to make your system free from virus attack.

Features of Repair Office Documents software:

  • This tool can repair corrupted Microsoft word Doc or Docx file by using its strong scanning algorithms in short span of time.
  • This software supports repairing of Doc and Docx files on different versions of Windows operating system such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 8, etc.
  • It is capable enough to repair corrupted Microsoft word Doc or Docx file on different versions of Microsoft Office application such as MS Office 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010.
  • It can also repair PPTX file, PPT file, excel sheets, etc.
  • This software can recover various elements such as pictures, texts, videos, clipart, hyperlink, OLE objects, etc.
  • The software has Preview option which allows you to preview the repaired Doc or Docx files before saving them to the particular location.
  • This application takes very less apace for installation i.e. 50 MB.
  • The software doesn’t modify or alter your original documents.
  • Demo version allows the users to evaluate the repaired results. If they are satisfied with the repaired results then they can upgrade the demo version with its full version.