Recover Deleted files from your NTFS partitions

Files are nothing but the collection of data identified by the unique name. Each and every data stored on any storage device like hard drives, pen drives, external drives, and many more will be in the form of files. One can easily access these files, open, edit or delete these files easily. In order to manage and maintain these files, you have file systems. Every storage devices will have at least one file system. In case you need more than one file system, you can partition the device and on each partition can have your desired file system. There are many types of file systems available they are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5, HFS +, HFS X etc. In case you use FAT file system, your partition will be referred as FAT partitions, and NTFS referred as NTFS partition and many others.

In some cases there are chances of losing these files from any of these partitions. Yes, there are many situations in which you lose your files, sometimes, it happens intentionally or by mistake also. Hence, you need to be very careful and cautious. Consider a situation where you have a huge number of files on your NTFS partitions. And also your NTFS partition memory is full with these files, but you need some to store your new files in them. So, you will decide to delete some unwanted files from your NTFS partitions. While doing this you may select your important files and delete those along with those unwanted files. By the time you realize this, you might have emptied your Recycle Bin also. So now, you have lost your vital data from your NTFS partition. In case, if you have been stuck in the same situation, what will you do? How will you handle these situations? Just chill, now there is no need to worry since, you can easily get your entire lost files easily with the help of good recovery software. Among them the best tool is NTFS file Recovery Software, which can easily recover deleted files from NTFS partition easily within few minutes.

You may delete your files in many situations without your knowledge. Sometimes, unknowingly select your important files from your NTFS partitions and do “Shift+delete” on them, instead of selecting the unwanted files. These files will not even be on Recycle Bin, they bypass the recycle bin. Also, you may delete files and then empty the Recycle bin without checking the files present in the Recycle bin, this loses the files permanently from your NTFS partitions. In some cases, you may delete your files intentionally thinking them as unwanted and then realize their importance.

In all such situations, your files from the NTFS partition will be deleted and you lose your entire files. However, luckily, you have this tool which can recover these files easily. Some of the key features of this tool are:

  • Able to recover your deleted files from NTFS partitions within few minutes with the help of Fast and Deep Scanning algorithms
  • Supports recovery of data from NTFS partitions that are lost while formatting the drive, re-installing your OS, re-partitioning the drive, hard drive crash etc.
  • Can easily recover data from all types of partitions like FAT16, FAT 32, ExFAT, HFS+ and many others
  • Also, it is not limited to one type of files, supports all various types and formats of files available

Due to the above reasons, this utility is the best NTFS data recovery software. In order to recover your files just click here and download the software. Now, install it on your PC and run the software. After which select “Recover Files” option and in the next screen choose “Recover Deleted Files” option. Then choose the drive / Partition and the tool scans your partition and then you can view your entire deleted files. Now, preview them and save the required files in any location of your choice.