Repair PST

Microsoft Outlook is the world’s best and most popular email application. It is referred to as an email client as it helps in sending emails, create scheduling, receiving emails, tasks, notes, calendar entries and all other Outlook attributes. Microsoft Outlook performs variety of tasks and is a perfect solution for storing emails or Outlook attributes. It uses special files for storing Outlook data, which is known as Outlook PST files. These files are related to the size of pst file. Whenever PST file reaches it maximum limit i.e more than 2GB gets corrupted. Don’t worry! About the PST file corruption. You have many options to repair Microsoft Outlook PST files by using the PST File Repair Software. Outlook inbuilt PST repair tool such as scanpst.exe is also available with every versions of Outlook which helps in repairing the corrupted PST files. These inbuilt PST repair tools are not effective sometimes for heavily damaged PST files. Let us discuss some the common reasons for heavily damaged PST files:

  • Outlook profiles get corrupted sometimes due to virus attacks or many other reasons and results in PST file corruption and deletion.
  • Sometimes by accidentally pressing the shift+ delete key combination the PST file gets corrupted and damaged.
  • Sometimes the PST file exceeds its maximum limit results in oversized Outlook PST file and gets corrupted.

Hence you can easily overcome the above mentioned scenarios by using the PST file repair software. This software is very effective and provides complete file recovery even if it is badly damaged. Let us discuss the important features of PST file repair software:


PST repair software is very effective software, which provides fast file recovery of corrupted and damaged PST files along with other Outlook attributes. This software also supports all versions of Outlook and can easily repair pst file on outlook 2010, 2003, 2007, 2000 and all other versions of Outlook. It also supports all versions of Windows operating systems. You can easily acquire the free trial version of PST file repair software by following steps:

Steps to download PST file repair software:

Step 1: Download the free trial version of the software first and then install it. Create a shortcut icon on the desktop for convenience.

Step 2: Quick launch the PST file repair software by double clicking on the shortcut icon and select the correct option from “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”.  After clicking the correct option click on next.

Step 3: Select the corrupted PST file and then select the appropriate scanning option. Now select the “Browse” option and choose the appropriate location where you want to save the repaired PST files.

Step 4: You can preview the repaired PST files.