Repair Quicktime MOV Files

for it to start. Bad luck! You just have figured out that the QuickTime MOV video has become corrupted and now you have to figure out how to fix broken QuickTime MOV files.

This article will help you repair QuickTime MOV files using a software tool that would help you in this situation. Remo Repair MOV is a tool which is used to Repair MOV File Windows.

The following video demonstrates on how the user can repair corrupt MOV files.

How to Fix Broken QuickTime MOV Files?

Step 1- Download and run the software Remo Repair MOV.

Step 2-When the main page of the software is displayed choose the option Healthy file. You should add a healthy video which is recorded in the same camera and has the same codec as that of the MOV video that needs to be repaired.

Step 3- Click on the Corrupted MOV file button in order to choose the video file with error.

Step 4-  Now click the Repair button so that the application starts fixing the errors.

Step 5- Use the Preview option as soon as the software fixes the video. You can view the video even before saving.

Step 6- You can save the fixed video file to the desired location.

The quicktime MOV file has just been repaired.

Understanding the software is necessary. The information regarding the software will make you realise in which all situations you can use this application. The basic features of this software is stated below.


  • The software fixes issues related to the MP4 video file.
  • Two simple steps, and your video file is healthy again.
  • Easiest software, can be used by non- technical people too.
  • Fixing truncated and error MOV file, is another feature of Remo Repair MOV.
  • Use the Preview option, so that you can check and verify the fixed video which had an error.
  • The application can be used in various versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server and Windows Vista.
  • Videos which are recorded using Canon, Kodak, Nikon, FujiFilm, Panasonic, other camcorders and mobile cameras can be easily repaired if it has any error.

 What leads to a Corrupt MOV video file?

  • Interrupting, the download will definitely create an error in the video file.
  • Corruption can be; Header Corruption i.e., when the section (file header) where all file attributes like time duration of the video, size, file name, file location is saved and damaged.
  • Interruptions such as termination of a process because abrupt failure in power: While transferring a video file will end up corrupting the QuickTime MOV video file.
  • Malware or virus infection Infections in the storage devices can be the main reason for the corruption in a video file.