Restore Deleted Photoshop PSD Files

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe systems for Windows and OS X. Photoshop has a vast support for graphic file format, but also uses its own PSD and PDD file formats. The software is mainly used to edit the photos and to create photos with animations. The best feature of Photoshop is to provide multiple frames to work and frame gives the facilities to edit the photo in different contexts.

Photoshop software is installed in the system as it is the system based application which saves the created PSD files in the hard disk. Many PSD files stored in hard drive may get deleted due to unfortunate reasons,  and after deletion of it you may face a huge loss of precious PSD files. You may be worried after facing such annoying situation. In this case, you need to stop worrying and act quickly to restore deleted Photoshop PSD files. Under such circumstance, one can make use of the most reliable third party restoration app called Document Recovery Tool, which helps you to undelete Photoshop PSD files just within few simple steps.

Document Recovery application is a trustworthy tool, which enables you to recover deleted Photoshop PSD files from hard drive, USB drive, flash drive, pen drive and many other external devices. This application performs deep scanning of internal or external storage devices connected to system in order to locate and retrieve deleted Photoshop PSD files using its unique file attribute in a healthy manner.

Reasons for deletion of PSD files:

Virus Attack: Severe virus or malware infections on storage devices can corrupt the drive and make all stored files including your PSD file inaccessible. When you scan your storage drive using installed antivirus software, then it may deleted infected PSD files without your notification. If you face any such situation, then make use of our document recovery utility, which helps you in recovering deleted PSD files.

Power Surge: Sudden shut down of the system due to power outrage while accessing the PSD files will result in PSD file deletion. However, you can make use of the most efficient tool for restoring your deleted or lost Photoshop PSD files back to you in a working condition.

Format Issue: Without knowing formatting the drive which consists of your Photoshop PSD files, will lead you to face severe data loss from the drive. But still, erased files can be recovered with the help of document recovery software.

Software Up-gradation: Many users update their Adobe Photoshop application to its latest version to use newly available features. When you open PSD files created using earlier version of Photoshop, then it can damage the existing PSD files due to change in file formats from one version to other.

In case your PSD file gets deleted due to any of the above mentioned reasons, then by employing document recovery tool you can easily get back deleted or lost PSD files with ease.

Features of Document Recovery Software:

Document Recovery Tool can retrieve PSD files created using any Photoshop versions like CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7, etc. This tool provides only few simple steps to restore your deleted or lost Photoshop PSD files along with its masks and layers. It also supports to retrieve its color mode i.e. Bitmap, indexed color, RGB color, Gray-scale, CMYK color, multichannel color, Duotone etc.

This restoration application also helps in recovering all types of media files like audio, video, raw image files and other documents. Document Recovery utility is a secure and read only application. It has an ability to get back files from most severe data loss situations. It is a virus free application that is scanned using latest anti-virus software, so that your system does not get infected. To check the efficiency of the document recovery software, you can use the demo version of this application and if the tool has done restoration as per you need then but the retrieval program and save the restored Photoshop files.