Simple Steps to Perform Deleted File Recovery on Memory card

Memory cards are popularly used storage drives which contain flash memory for storing files, and are portable which helps user to carry them everywhere. The files from memory card can be transferred to your laptops and computers, just by plugging in the device to the machine via data cable or by using USB card reader in order to access the contents. Besides its useful features, loss of files from these is unavoidable. Memory cards are used in various devices, thus the chances of losing files is more.

Most of the people lose their hopes after losing files due to accidental or intentional deletion of files. Is this a condition with you? Are you tensed as the deleted files contain some confidential information which is to be required in future? The next question which is scratching your head is how it is possible to find deleted files from memory card after deletion.

Look into few common file loss scenarios:

  • The files from memory can be deleted by the use of third party tools like antivirus software. This action takes place when you scan your memory card in order to get rid of harmful viruses and during scanning if finds some infected files which are unable to fix then it will erase the files leading to data loss.
  • Unexpected termination of the computer, while copying or moving files from memory card to system would corrupt the memory card and thus results in loss of files.
  • Unknowingly selecting important image files while deleting unneeded pictures from memory card on computer will make you to lose your valuable files permanently. File recovery tool will help you to restore deleted images from SanDisk SDHC card, SDXC card, MMC card, SD card or any other memory card type with utmost ease.
  • Virus invasion on your memory card will corrupt the file system of memory card which does not allow user to access the residing files thereby causing data loss.

Safety tips to be followed:

  • Need not use the memory card after deleting files as this will avoid overwriting thereby increasing chances of file recovery.
  • Never detach memory card from computer in between of file transfer process.
  • Have backup of vital files and save them on reliable storage media, which helps in data loss situation.
  • Use voltage regulator to avoid sudden system turn off.

After following these safety tips, still if you come across any data loss situation then need not waste your time and give a try for file recovery toolkit. The software can rescue all types of files like image, video, audio songs, documents, etc. It offers deleted file recovery on Windows as well as on Mac operating system computers. This utility provides best answer for the question on how to retrieve deleted files from digital camera memory card. The software is easy to use, which can be used by normal person without having technical computer knowledge.

Obtain demo version of file recovery tool and install it on the hard disk of your computer. Now double click on the desktop icon to launch the installed application and start the recovery process. Then choose suitable recovery options that you get while working with the recovery software. Once done with the scanning process, you can view the recovered deleted files. If you are happy with the recovery results, you can download its full version from online.