Simple Way to Recover Data from Formatted Drive

Are you a person who has recently lost data due to unintentionally formatting p2 card? After losing vital data, you are looking forward for an effective way to get back lost data. If so, then you are right place, after losing data due to unexpected formatting, you can recover every bit of lost data in an effective way. Here you need an effective recovery tool that can assist to revive lost data. You can use of the effective recovery tool named Recover Formatted, with the aid of this tool you can get back lost data in an effective way. Whatever be the reason behind data loss from p2 card, you can make use of this tool and successfully restore lost data. For the complete procedure of data recovery from p2 card follow this link:

Now, I am going to tell you about an experience that I went through few days back. One day I connected my P2 card to the system in order to transfer important data (Snaps, Videos). When the process in the midway, I ejected connected card by considering that process is over. But it was not completed, after doing so, when I connected my P2 card to system, then formatting error message appeared on a computer screen. I was shocked to face this error message. To overcome from thus uncertain situation I ejected my card and insert it again, but the result was same. Card contained my vital data and I was in huge tension, thinking what happened to my data. If I did format, then all the data is wiped out from card.

For an effective solution, I started searching on Google. I found that here formatting was must. So I formatted my card, after formatting, nothing was there within card. I needed an effective solution through which I could recover lost data. So I started Googling again and after a long search I found Recover Formatted tool, with the help of this tool I recovered lost data from P2 card in a simple way. Actually when you format card, pointers locating to data are deleted, but the images of lost data reside with the memory. Here you need, do not make use of card further after formatting. It is because when you use card further then there is a chance of overwriting data location from where data is lost and once the location is overwritten then you become incapable to revive lost data.

Before overwriting, you can successfully recover formatted data in an effective way with the help of this tool. Along with P2 card, this tool is skilled to revive data from various data cards such as SDHC, MMC, CF, SD, SDXC, XD, and Mini SD cards. With the help of Recover Formatted application, you can retrieve almost 300 file formats like audios, videos, photos, along with various other document files. Thus, by concluding, I want to say that in case you are the person who has recently met with unintentional P2 card formatting condition then this software suits to your need perfectly. With the help of this tool, you can effectively perform P2 card recovery after format with ease. Further detail you can check this link: