Solution to repair your corrupt OST file

Outlook OST files are the file type of Outlook email client. Abbreviation of  OST file is Offline Storage Table. Also known as offline folder file. OST files represent the data files which can be created by Outlook if you are working in Outlook even without Microsoft Exchange Server. So it is possible to with network connectivity  also. Any sort of changes for the ost file will automatically get updated in the Exchange Server as soon as you’re connected with network.

The OST files are stored on the hard disk drive with the file extension .ost and like any other files OST files will also get corrupted as a consequence of some reasons. These are the various reasons in which the OST files get damaged –

  • Sudden breakdown of the exchange server while data is synchronizing. You have made certain changes to the .ost files in offline and later connected to the server to do further changes. In such situation if the server connectivity breakdowns suddenly then data synchronization is disturbed due to which sometimes the .ost files which you are working on get corrupted.
  • Because of virus attack. If the hard drive where all files are stored get damaged or corrupt because of virus or bad sectors then the OST file may get corrupted.
  • Over size of the OST file. If the OST file is being used for longer duration and if the memory space provided for each file gets filled with data then the file becomes oversized and thus it will not open and becomes inaccessible.
  • Due to compression: Generally compressing a huge ost file is useful to store in a small space on a hard drive. But if compression method is not executed properly then there are more possibilities that the file might get corrupted.

Each one of these scenarios will lead to corruption of OST files. Of course, if you try to open up these corrupt files it displays some or the other error messages making the information inaccessible. Fixing the problem of these corrupt files is extremely difficult. Nevertheless, you can avoid this by keeping backup. If backup is not available, then it’s time for you to refer third party repair software to repair OST files. The repair tool can fix OST file which is damaged or corrupted as a result of various reasons.

The features of the software are:

  • Repairs highly damaged OST files and recover all data from that.
  • Repairs corrupted OST files by converting them into PST format and stores the resultant PST in required location.
  • Repairs all outlook OST objects like emails, contacts, attachments, tasks, etc.
  • Repairs broken OST files, password protected and encrypted OST files.

The program easily fixes your damaged files and you are now able to access your data in PST format. This repair tool can support different operating systems like Windows, Mac and different versions of both Windows and Mac OS.

If you are facing the problem of restoring your damaged or corrupt OST files the software can help you. Just use the trial form of the software and then install it on the system where your corrupt OST file exists and run it. If you like the software performance you can purchase the full version.