Tool for NTFS Partition Table Recovery

NTFS Partition table is used when we wish to read, write or modify any of the files. These NTFS Partition Table will be present on each hard drive partition, so each table will consists of different files on it. All the information about primary hard drive partitions and an extended partition is maintained on the NTFS Partition Table. NTFS Partition table consists of 64-byte data structure installed on the same sector as the Master Boot Record. This NTFS Partition Table is a standard layout that is not dependent on any operating system which is installed on your computer or laptop. Each NTFS Partition Table entry has 16 bytes and maximum of four entries can used to store some information about hard drive partitions.

Active Hard Drive partition is a partition on which operating system folder has been installed. These active hard drive partitions cannot be deleted because it consists of OS files it in. Other hard drive partition table will consist of all files and folders which are saved on that hard drive.

Suppose, due to some reasons if NTFS partition table of active partition gets corrupted then you can’t load your operating system on your computer or laptop. At this situation, few people will assume that if active NTFS partition table is corrupted or damaged then they can never load operating system on their PC or laptop.

Need not get panicked or depressed in such situations, because by usage of this recovery software you can recover files from NTFS Partition that is corrupted or damaged. This NTFS Recovery Software allows you to get back each of the files and folder that were saved over NTFS partition.

Before getting into details about how to make use of this software to recover files from NTFS partition, let’s see some of the reasons that cause corruption of NTFS Partition table.

Operating System not found: When you turn on your computer or laptop, your MBR will scan entire NTFS Partition table to load Operating System. Suppose, if MBR couldn’t find any Operating System folders from hard drive partitions, then MBR will display error message as “Operating System not found”.
Invalid NTFS Partition Table: Due to some reasons, NTFS Partition Table might lose all the information about hard drive partitions. Because of this, when you try to load any Operating System on your computer or laptop, it might not open or load.
File System Corruption: Hard Drive can become inaccessible, when file system of those hard drive are corrupted. For instance, if operating system files are stored on C: drive and if that C: drive gets corrupted, then you can’t access that operating system until that corrupted hard drive works as normal.
Virus Attack: By using internet, if you download any file then there are more chances of hard drive getting infected by virus attack, because few files which are downloaded from internet may be virus infected files. These downloaded virus infected files may contain high virus infection, due to high virus infection, hard drive might get corrupted.
Hard drive partition is deleted: Using Disk Management file systems, you can easily create new partition or delete any partition from Hard Drive. If you use this Disk Management file systems to delete any partition, then all files which are stored in hard drive will get deleted. But the hard drive which consists of MBR files, then those hard drives can’t be deleted.
Error during re-partitioning NTFS hard drive: During repartitioning of partitioned NTFS hard drive using third party tools may lead to corrupt your NTFS hard drive. Due to this corruption, NTFS hard drive might become inaccessible. Now, you need to format your corrupted NTFS hard drive to regain your access. After formatting the corrupted NTFS Hard Drive you would lose all data from it. At this situation you can make use of NTFS Recovery Software to recover all lost data from formatted NTFS hard drive.
Improper System Shut Down: After completing your work on your system, you might not shut down properly or your system might experience sudden shut down from power surge. From this sudden shut down of system, OS will experience corruption. Due to this corruption, you would not be able to reboot OS again.
Improper Changes in Accessibility Settings: As you can re partition the hard drive, likewise you can provide access permission for each hard drive. Suppose, when you are changing the access permission of your hard drive, you might not change it improperly. Due to this improper change of access permission, you might lose access on those hard drive.

Salient features of NTFS Recovery Software

By making use of NTFS Recovery Software you can recover all data from lost / missing partitions, formatted, re-formatted partitions and re-partitioned drives.
NTFS Recovery Software will make use of powerful and efficient recovery algorithm to perform effective recovery operation of all lost data from partitioned NTFS hard drive as well as NTFS partition Table. Due to some situation hard drive might get corrupted and might become inaccessible, but by making use of NTFS Recovery Software you can recover data from inaccessible partitions.
Using this software you can even recover data which were lost during partitioning of NTFS hard drive. Suppose, if you have deleted any Operating System related files from NTFS hard drive, then NTFS Partition Table will get corrupted, so to recover these deleted files you can use NTFS Recovery Software. Using this software you can even recover all lost or deleted data from different types of hard drive such as SATA/SCSI/IDE and so on. On Windows Operated System you can perform recovery operation on different hard drive partition such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions / drives. This software will make use of “Save Recovery Session” option to avoid re-scanning your NTFS hard drive partition and you can resume saving process any time. Using this NTFS Recovery Software you can even recover lost data from your external NTFS hard drive. Moreover, this software is widely appreciated to restore NTFS partition table within short period of time.